Would you buy Madden NFL 10 or ESPN NFL 2k10?

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Re: Would you buy Madden NFL 10 or ESPN NFL 2k10?

who would think NBA Live woulda been up to par with NBA2k right now?

Point is IF's dont exist...
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Re: Would you buy Madden NFL 10 or ESPN NFL 2k10?

More monopoly mambo jumbo! Yawn! I'd buy both! But why is it relevant what others would do, hell I'd buy APF 2k10 if 2k had the balls to make it fully customizable. But you know what, this is getting old bringing up this same old monopoly cry out. Boo hoo grab a tissue.

Buy them both, I got money that's what I work for, to get it all and nothing but it all.

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Re: Would you buy Madden NFL 10 or ESPN NFL 2k10?

Mutant League Football '10.
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Re: Would you buy Madden NFL 10 or ESPN NFL 2k10?

This is going to get closed. But, for what it's worth. I'd by any game that was good. I could care less who made it.
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Re: Would you buy Madden NFL 10 or ESPN NFL 2k10?

This'll probably be locked around next week.

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Re: Would you buy Madden NFL 10 or ESPN NFL 2k10?

Originally Posted by wildthing2022000
Mutant League Football '10.
mua muah ynnnnnnn... ROCK THE REF. znnnn yerrrr
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Re: Would you buy Madden NFL 10 or ESPN NFL 2k10?

Both like i always did but i would probably enjoy 2K10 MUCH more.
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Re: Would you buy Madden NFL 10 or ESPN NFL 2k10?

Originally Posted by Echopax
That's right.

If the monopoly never happened we can probably all agree that the previous Madden games would of been better than what we were given.

Now, if the monopoly never happened, 2k sports would of produced NFL 2k6, NFL 2k7, NFL 2k8, and NFL 2k9.

After playing APF 2k8 and watching various animation videos, I really don't think there is much of anything EA can do to top what the guys at 2k did.

I think the guys over at 2k sports just "got it" more, especially early on in their franchise's development. NFL 2k for the Sega Dreamcast plays much more fluently and realistically than any Madden game I have ever played. The game is nearly 10 years old.

Now, I have faith in this year's Madden. I do every year. But look at some of those APF videos. The latest video someone posted about QB dropbacks just shows you how great of a game NFL 2k10 could of been.

I don't think there can even really be a debate over what would be better. Even with Madden 10's improvements and such, I still believe ESPN NFL 2k10 would of made it look like an N64 game.

EA seems to think that putting animations on the backburner is the way to go, while 2k sports understood that putting more detail on the animations and less on the player models was the better way to go.

EA's player models do look better... but they move like robots. 2k's models look fine, and move like real NFL players.

So, APF 2k8 has much better animations than Madden. Even the new Madden animations we've seen don't really hold much of a candle to 2k's.

Make no mistake, I am anxious. I want this game to blow 2k5 out of the water. But, there is a part of me that doesn't believe EA deserves it. I think Ian and his crew certainly do, but not EA. They should of never monopolized the football genre like they did.

I read an article a few years back about a woman who worked at Coke and was offering Coke's secret formula to Pepsi for a hefty price.

What did Pepsi do? They reported her to law enforcement. Even Pepsi bailed out their biggest rival. Why? Because they understood what kind of bad PR that would be. They know consumers want choice, and hate to be forced on a railroad track of products.

So, EA, I challenge you to make a better football game than 2k sports. Do I think you are capable of doing it? Sure you are. Do I think that Madden NFL 10 will be a better game than NFL 2k5? I honestly don't. I think it will be the best Madden ever, but it won't be the best football game ever. 2k sports will remain as the best football game development company in the history of gaming.

Do I want it to be that way? Nope, I only have one choice, and that's Madden NFL 10, so of course I want it to be the best.

I know I'll be flamed. I know I'll be put up on a stake and be dubbed a dead horse beater. I know there are four months to go. I know there is a video we'll see tonight.

Here is a retorhical question for you all.

What is the point in trying to talk Coke drinkers into drinking Pepsi? The only way you'll do it is to make Pepsi taste the exact same.

Just remember, EA (not Ian/Phil, etc), karma is a bitch.
Nice write up. That was actually a pretty interesting read.

I thought the gameplay for 2K8 blew any Madden game to date out of the water. One poster said the downfall was no franchise mode. Be careful what you wish for if a 2K game comes back around.
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