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Re: Unrealistic expectations

First and foremost, it's EA's responsibility to set expectations with their consumers, and I have stated on multiple occasions that once they took on the mantle of Simulation and claims of a new animation system (which appear to be false now) that they were setting the bar very, very high, which is never a good thing to do unless you are 100% certain you are going to deliver. Needless to say, the Madden game is not known for delivering to fans expectations historically. In past years, if fans had high expectations, I would have said it was marketing's fault for misleading them, but this year, with the blogs and developer interaction, if fans end up being misled (from the video evidence we have thus far, appears to be the case) it will land directly at the feet of the developers themselves (Ian and crew).
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Re: Unrealistic expectations

I agree with fourthreemafia's original post but I'm going to bring in my two cents on this issue:

Originally Posted by fourthreemafia
NAME ME ONE YEAR IN MADDEN's 21 year history that there has been a leap in terms of improvement as big as the one that appears to be coming between 2009 and 2010.

And no, I am not talking about jumps on consoles (like Madden 2000 on PS1 to Madden 2001 on PS2) I mean on the the same console.
The jump from Madden 98 to Madden 99 on the PSX was pretty substantial IMO. Not only did the game sport a new (full 3D) graphics engine and retooled gameplay but introduced Franchise Mode. Remember, this was in the days of Gameday 98 and all the rave reviews that game got in the wake of Madden's "Liquid AI" and poor graphics on the PSX up until that point. It was pretty dramatic for the time and I remember being blown away.

Am I saying the jump from 09 to 10 isn't going to be as big as the 98 to 99 jump for the franchise? No. But that, in my mind, is the evidence of what the series has done in the past. The game could very well surprise many of us and I, like I said before, agree with fourthreemafia's post that people are simply jumping to conclusions (much like they did with another "exclusive license" game, MLB 2K9, and you know how that turned out).
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Re: Unrealistic expectations

Originally Posted by fourthreemafia

-Learn to accept this fact: Madden 2010 will NOT be the perfect football game. People on here seem to expect everything to be perfect after one year. The world wasnt built in one day, and Madden in its current state (Madden 09) cant be perfected in one year.
Now that I have seen actual gameplay footage of Madden 10 I have no issues with the game, based on what I've seen. Obviously I can't really judge the game until I've played it. Actually I'm still enjoying Madden 09.

I chose the quote above just to point out I don't think anyone expects perfection in one year, but it has been 5 years that Madden has been on the next gen consoles, so yeah , I'm expecting Madden 10 be darn near perfect.
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