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Instead of getting wound up on player models...how about cheerleading models??? It'll be a good thing too as it helps you get pumped for the game. Everytime your team scores a touchdown, see them jumping up and down...

Don't flame me now...it's only a joke

Or was it?

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Re: Cheerleaders?

Yea the panther cheerleaders on the sidelines for the players to advangt of lol. But that little idea would be nice but not a real big want in the game by fans right now.
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Re: Cheerleaders?

If they ever did spend time on Cheerleaders they could use this as a good starting point:

ESPN had decent cheerleaders but they had lifeless, dead eyes so when they showed them in game they kind of creeped me out to be honest.
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Re: Cheerleaders?

I haven't heard anything about cheerleaders being in the game yet. But it would add more authenticity to the game. I haven't seen cheerleaders in any of the screenshots, which leads me to believe there won't be cheerleaders in real-time on the field, but maybe they have a few cheerleader cut-scenes.
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Re: Cheerleaders?

I HATE those cutscenes of cheerleaders (and the male spotters) from NCAA!! If it will be like that, then I will pass. Now obviously the animations would be different, but I would like cheerleaders on the sidelines like in NBA 2k9, always celebrating at appropriate times. The difference is the NFL cheerleader hardly dont move. Just an upgrade to the '05 (i think) models would be cool. You know where their busts were . haha. Doubt they are in this year..
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Re: Cheerleaders?

Last year, the Madden team said that they would try to get cheerleaders in the game this year. There has been no mention of this since then.
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Re: Cheerleaders?

Show cheerleaders on TDs and halftime (before our amazing halftime show of course =D ).
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Re: Cheerleaders?

If they add cheerleaders I want them to be good looking. Not like other games where they are repeats of themselves. Maybe they can get some of the eagles cheerleaders because some of them are good looking. Oh!! and don't forget Jessica Simpson sitting at cowboys game distracting Toby Romo.
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