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My opioin on the demo


I want to let ya'll know I played the demo on all pro so I know is it going to be somewhat hard. But anyway. While I was on offense I found to have hardly no protection agaist the AI pass rush what so ever. While the AI offense had great protection agaist my pass rush. The run blocking decent and got some decent yards on some plays but the run blocking needs to be tweeked a little more. Another thing while I was playing the demo I kind of found a game killer is the forced drop back passing. Anytime I went back and the AI brought a linebacker blitz. The linebacker was right there for the sack as I got finsh doing the force back drop pass. I just feel with the lack of pass rush blocking and the force drop back passing is going to be a game killer.


As I have seen on the demo so far that the human controlled defense has a lack pass rush from the front four. While yet again the AI has the overwhelming pass rush to easily to get you. I can bring blitz from everywhere but the AI will pick it up very easy. When I try to pass rush with my front four I can hardly get anything up front. I find the lack of pass is not acceptable. The AI even all pro should not have the up had on having a great pass rush. Now when on defense I am controlling a certain guy like a DT. I can get some pressure with only him. I just feel that there should be more of a good pass rush from the human controlled team. So over all the Defense needs some more tweeking. Which I know is most likly it has been done already. But my main concern is the human controlled pass rush. If it is tweeked in the final version then I will be happy. But if not then I am going to be really unhappy.

Other things need to be tweeked on the side

1. What I have seen in the demo that the AI is doing hardly any adjusting what so every and just coming to the line and snapping the ball. I feel the AI should be making adjustments and not just coming up the line and snapping ball and that is it. I want to the AI take it's time and make adjusts and give me time aswell to make defense adjustments. There needs be a patch for this.

2Another thing the Ai is doing is snapping the ball to fast on fields goals and extra points. What is up with that. That needs to be tweeked.

3Another thing I am still seeing in the demo is the superman CB and linebacker crap somewhat. To many ints still happening.

4 I am also seeing way to many easy passes dropped by some of best WRs like Ward and Larry in the demo on drag routes with no one on them.This not something no top WR would do. This is going to be a problem if it ain't fixed in the final version.

5 This is the one of the main problem I have seen in the demo on all pro. I just feel that the AI is been given way way to much upper hand. It seems no matter what passing play I call are what I do to try and get any WR open. The AI is all ways on my WR like glue.I would expect this on all madden. But on all pro it should be tone down some. I just feel the AI way to smart and know everything we do on all pro. I know all pro needs to be more challenging. But not to the point where the AI is going to bat every pass away from your wr and never allow any space for WR to catch a ball are even have a chance.I feel that is going to far when the AI is allowed to totally destroy you. This not fun.

I know alot of things I pointed out I felt is wrong in the demo could most likly be tweaked and fixed in the final version. But I was giving my thougths on it.I am not complaining. I am just trying to help out by showing what needs to be address if it ain't already. I thought the demo was good besides the bad points that need to be address. If they could address these things I would be happy with the game itself. I still plan the buy it. But I was just giving me overveiw on the problems that still remain in the demo. Please do not flame are make rude comments.
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Re: My opioin on the demo

Nice points.However ,the only way the things you mentioned can be fixed is by a patch.Madden 10 is complete.It has already been shipped to certain members of the media.I know someone at the local newspaper who already has it.Got his copy in the mail Friday.Hopefully , Ian and crew caught some of the concerns people are expressing.Look for a patch right after the release just like NCAA 10.
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Re: My opioin on the demo

All the mods must be asleep...

This goes in the demo impressions thread, so we don't have 1000 different threads about everybody's impression of the demo.
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Re: My opioin on the demo

I would think some of this can be fixed with slider adjustments.Pass blocking,catching,ints....
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Re: My opioin on the demo

You lost me at opioin....
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Re: My opioin on the demo

I'm not a mod, but why didnt you post this in the "Demo Impressions" thread?

Just curious
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Re: My opioin on the demo

locked...use the impressions thread.
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