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Re: The Offcial Fantasy Draft Guide

Originally Posted by PGaither84
Honestly you could extrapolate to saying most all ratings don't matter and that Madden 10 is too easy and you can win with a cupcake team.

Part of the fun of a fantasy draft though is to build the best team you can. Putting the "Fantasy" into fantasy draft. I know people like the idea of Brady to Moss, or a few years ago McNabb to Owens, etc. To me part of the fun of Fantasy draft isn't just how the team plays out in game, but that team building concept. Heck, you can simulate your franchise instead of playing the games and see how well your team does.

If you want to build a team in fantasy draft than can "pwn" the computer, just draft a great QB, HB, WR and a freak TE like 49ers Vernon Davis and just destroy the computer wit them year in and year out. The only ratings the really matter are Speed and the SAC/MAC/DAC ratings for QBs to get the ball to their receivers.

Heck, play it on rookie.
I completely understand where you are coming from. I'm not saying that I would disregard lineman in a draft. I was more responding to this comment made in the first round section - "Elite linemen do make a difference in Madden as well." That is not true(if you play your games).
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Re: The Offcial Fantasy Draft Guide

Interesting - thanks for that writeup PGaither. Maybe I'll give this a try tonight if I have time.

I did a fantasy draft the other day for fun and noticed that the CPU really values lineman early on and I ended up getting some pretty good linebackers and cornerbacks later in the draft (ended up with Merriman, Tatapu, Maualuga and Orakpo). Anyway, good stuff.
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Re: The Offcial Fantasy Draft Guide

So I was wondering if anyone has tried this and what kind of results you have gotten?

I am thinking of trying a new fantasy draft with the Week 1 roster update. If there are major changes, I'll update the main post/quick guide.
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