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Re: thumbs up to weather effects

in my game against the phins, pennington made some pretty bad throws in the rain. and there were more dropped balls on both sides.

i agree though on the wind...havent seen any windy conditions yet. ill gripe about that though if i head to chicago or the meadowlands and still dont see wind. until then, i can live with it
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Re: thumbs up to weather effects

Its the same as it was on last gen systems, nothing new. But on last gen the time of day would change so periodically the rain/snow would stop and start up agn later. also jerseys got dirty, which doesnt happen on this madden. So i would hav to say thumbs down
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Re: thumbs up to weather effects

Originally Posted by Scarface-93
Am I the only one who completely hates the weather effects because its simply not fair?

I'm the seahawks in rain against the 49ers.
Matt Hasselback is a accurate thrower, no doubt on that, but i have to say:
It doesn't matter how accurate you QB is and how unaccurate your opponents qb is, your team is always effected by the weather, but your opponent seems not to.

For example: Rain, no wind.
I play the first two quarters, my passing offensive slider is at 10.
I completed only one pass out of 14 attempts.
WTF? It doesn't matter, which team I am, if its rainy, my qb throws just horrible and overthrows everybody. Every throw ends up at least 3 yards away from where my wr is.
Its horrible.
And the cpu?
He plays like there is no rain, the cpu qb always ends up the same stats like there is no rain.
Everytime its rainy or snowy, i have to lower the passing offensive slider to 5 or so, just to get realistic results and not 1 out of 10
It wasn't like that for me. I just finished a franchise game in pouring rain against the Jets, and boy was Mark Sanchez off the mark. I'm talking no pressure - ball just sailing over and under receivers. Career day for Sean Smith (3 INT, TD). Lucky for him, Ronnie Brown put the ball on the grass quite a bit to compensate.
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