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Re: expansion draft exposed players

So after the "simulated" expansion draft (taking about 30 players from other teams), the real draft (I replaced the rams and just kept their rookies they drafted from this past draft to sim the entry draft), and the dispersal draft..... here is my team so far for the new Las Vegas Vipers:

QB- Chris simms-70
K.Null- rookie-51

HB- Jamal Lewis- 84
J.Charles- 68

FB- F.Vukupuna-63

WR- Nate Burleson- 76
B.Jones- 70
Rashied Davis- 66
B.Foster - rookie- 65

TE-B.Bajema- 68
F.Davis- 64

LT Tra Thomas - 85
I.Ndukwe- 68

LG- J.Nesbit- 75
K.Studdard- 64

C- S.Wells- 78
P.Mannelly- 63

RG- M.Wrotto- 69
C.Rinehart- 67

RT J.Smith- rookie- 84
J.Stinchcomb- 75

LE- M.Thomas- 69
I.Idonije -65

RE- J.Devries- 71
D.Harvey- 70

DT- A.Carriker - 82 (On IR so i have to keep him but when he's healthy ill look at his bonus and trade him)
S.Johnson- 67
W.Joseph- 66
D.Scott- 53- rookie

LOLB- D.Bowens- 67

MLB- J.Laurinaitis- 77- rookie
K.Burnett- 72

ROLB- J.Moss- 66
Q.Black- 66

CB- D.Hall- 79
S.Rolle- 75
K.Jennings- 72
F.Smoot- 69
B.Fletcher- rookie- 63

FS E.Wilson-74
J.Babineaux - 68

SS B.Merriweather- 79
T.Branch- 68

K- M.Bryant- 74
P-J.Richardson -67
(Both K & P I had to sign from FA's)

About 35 players total picked by me from other teams and I still have about $25 mill in cap. I like the outcome so far especially with names I know, a mix of vets, freq. injured players, etc.. even though my team will probably blow but its supposed to.

Through the "Dispersion draft" here are where some of the Rams players went-
Lb. B.Witherspoon (84 OVR) to KC
QB M.Bulger to Denver
QB K.Boller to Oakland
RB S.jackson to Cleveland
DE C.long (80 Ovr) to Detroit
Cb R.bartell (80 OVR) to Wash

Thats some off the top of my head to give you guys an idea. I didnt keep anyone from rams for the dispersal draft since I kept their rookies (sim real draft) and 2 of the rookies are pretty good.

Plus there wasnt alot of good players to go around so only non playoff teams from last year got an ex Rams player.

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Re: expansion draft exposed players

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Re: expansion draft exposed players

I'm going through and making a list of the players that teams would most likely put on their lists of 5. I'll upload it when im done (either today or tomorrow).

Looking through your draft, it looks pretty solid, except that I dont think the Pats would give up Merriweather and I dont think the browns would give up Lewis.
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Re: expansion draft exposed players

That's funny! I thought B.Merriweather was the only iffy pick. I wanted to take someone from the Pats though and they have a good rookie safety chung that will be ok taking B.M'S place. And Rb J.lewis....Since I replaced the Rams, I gave them (they drafted for dispersment players) Rb S.Jackson plus IRL the browns were gonna possibly cut him but obviously didnt.

Alot of guys lately have expressed interest in doing a "sim" expansion but after figuring all the crap out to be able to do a "sim" expansion for myself and others, i didnt wanna roll solo and try to make a list of players. Ill look yours over though and give you feedback. Im sure alot of guys will appreciate the list. Ive seen a couple asking who from teams would be made available. Probably gamers that dont follow NFL as a whole as much as others. Thats cool though!
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Re: expansion draft exposed players

Wow this is a pretty interesting idea. I might take a look at a few teams to see who they would put on the list.

Just off the top of my head I think the Bears would put...

Rashied Davis
Desmond Clark
Nathan Vasher
Anthony Adams
Israel Idonije

I might have to look into doing something like this tonight. I will let you know how it goes.
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Re: expansion draft exposed players

I'm also doing an expansion chise. I actually used a list that i found on the forums here, i dont remember whos it was tho. All i can say is, this is awesome. i love taking a fresh expansion team and seeing how long it takes to make them a force... i wouldn't mind starting over again tho cuz i think the list i used wasnt that accurate. So, if any of u do create a new list, that would be greatly appreciated...
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Re: expansion draft exposed players

Currently compiling a list myself, that will serve the same purpose.

It is headered with the correct Rules that need to be followe, when it comes to making those selections.

The biggest issue i have so far, is trying to decide if a team like The Jets was going to take a QB in the 1st anyway, and if they did, and had their been an expansion draft, is it safe to assume Kellen Clemons would be exposed?

These are the kidns of questions im running into so far...

But all in all, i think the list should turn out pretty darn good, and give you all somethign to play with when im done with it.
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Re: expansion draft exposed players

I think i will do mine a little bit differently just to give it a shot.

I am going to go over each teams roster before I even begin the franchise, and I am going to release players whom i would like to draft and replace them with a free agent just for positional balance. I am going to release the bigtime players 80+ from the team that i will replace (JAX) and put them on a roster according to positional needs.

Then I will create a cupcake team and release the young bad players that I have replaced with a expansion "draft" pick and sign the players... sim the season, and hopefully have the 1st overall pick the next year since, obviously, there was no expansion draft in this previous offseason (plus I can get the draft to work out without moving a ton of rookies from other teams around)...
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