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Re: Quinn vs. Anderson

Originally Posted by kehlis
Are you really comparing a real life situation to ratings in a video game?
It's just that I kept hearing that Quinn was accurate while Anderson had a big arm, and since accuracy and throw power were actual ratings conveyed in game I expected to see a somewhat significant difference. If it was something where Quinn was more consistent or better in the clutch or more of a leader then I wouldn't bother, but it's accuracy vs. throw power so I thought the ratings would be a good place to look.
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Re: Quinn vs. Anderson

Before I started my browns franchise I made changes to Quinn and Anderson to reflect what we see and hear in real life. This way if Quinn goes down I have to change my play style considerably to utilize anderson effectively. To accomplish this seperation I made Quinn quite a bit better in scrambling, throwing on the run and short and mid passing. I left Anderson as a less mobile pocket passer with a stronger arm and more accurate deep game.
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Re: Quinn vs. Anderson

Originally Posted by Glorious Arc
I dont see why he shouldnt be able to do this with madden. If madden claims to be the most authentic NFL game ever then this type of debate with the Browns should be noticeable with how each player plays.
so they claim after making Jake Delhomme a 75 overall - dont even get me started.
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Re: Quinn vs. Anderson

IRL, DA has a lot of features that make him a better passer than BQ. Mostly, DA has the experience to make smarter decisions when throwing down field. Mangina obviously doesn't trust BQ to make throws down the field. BQ's currently horrible pocket pressense is partially to blame. So they run a crap load to screens (which never fools anyone) and wind up barely cracking 100 yards passing in the game.

I'm pretty sure the only reason BQ got the starting job this season was because they wanted to get thier money's worth for thier draft pick. When he got pulled from the game today, I'd say it doesn't bode well for him remaining the starter. DA didnt look good today. But I think DA would have been a lot better if he would have started the game, before the browns were in an unmanageable deficit. DA threw three picks trying to force plays that he wouldn't have to force if they weren't already down by so much.

That's IRL. Who's better in game? In the games I've played vs the browns where BQ went out with injury or pre-season subs, DA was way more effective.
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Re: Quinn vs. Anderson

Both Quinn and Anderson got embarrassed today by my Ravens.
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Re: Quinn vs. Anderson

I am sick of CLeveland QB's If we have a top 5 pick it has to be mccoy , Bradford , Snead, or (gulp) Tebow. I wouldnt mind having a leader in the locker room for once
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Re: Quinn vs. Anderson

All I know is,we could be the new winless team in 2009. Move over Tampa and Detroit, the Browns are coming......with our pathetic defense,non-existent offense, and the tough schedule.......could happen!
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Re: Quinn vs. Anderson

Well, they can only rate players by the way they play the games. To be honest, I rarely ever watch any Browns games but I am guessing that Quinn is seen as very accurate but hasn't performed well recently while Anderson is seen as a guy with a very big arm and average but not spectacular accuracy. For those reasons, the two QBs would find themselves with accuracy ratings around the same level.
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