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Re: Major bug!!

Originally Posted by salbowski
All you do is go around talking garbage. Every post I see from you is in a negative thread and supporting the apparent bug or fault in the game.

Yet you say you don't own the game. Maybe you should stop talking in such detail about a game you don't and have never owned.... YOU LIE- YOU OWN THE GAME.
Damn, I feel like I need to go into Best Buy and watch this.....
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Re: Major bug!!

Originally Posted by ymd
Hi, first post

Anyway, I was looking through career stats in franchise mode and I realized that some guys careers had bugs. Examples:

Prater, (a kicker), was listed as 0/40 on XP tries last year. This obviously messes up with the overall career stats.

Also I read that the developer Loopman said that tackles (even though they are mis-titled) are still taken into account in the back end. HE IS WRONG. Finish a season and look under career stats, they still have only their SOLOS listed as their totals! So if Urlacher has 70 solos and 40 assists in 2009 season, in 2010 under the players career it will list him as only having 70 tackles in 09!

Also after I finished one season, a rookie FA had a 15 career listing (an impressive one might I add) which showed stats from 15 years, even though hes a rookie!

I am frustrated with this as I LOVE to play multiple seasons and wanting my players to reach milestones (like tackles), NFL records or even make the HOF. These career stat bugs in franchise mode make it ridiculous to try and reach them.
What? Bugs in Madden? C'mon you cannot be serious?
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Re: Major bug!!

Who votes for the game scores on here anyway? Is it all of us? Members? Mods? I love Madden but it was overrated.
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