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Re: worst madden ever

Originally Posted by Madden Head
So here is the thing:
  • Madden 10 is the best on next generation but still not the best Madden as a whole
  • Madden 06 or 07 on last gen was the best Madden. They were tuned versions of 05 with all the great features and added the truck stick, later highlight stick, the offensive version of the hit stick. Madden 08 on last gen lost a lot of great features.
  • Until Madden 10 brings franchise mode back to the level of Last gen along with bringing game play to the level of last gen/2k games, Madden 11 won't be the best Madden or best football game either.
That about sums it up. Talk about technology all you want, most people here don't even understand what is going on with Madden, the EA team, and many other inside factors. I doubt Madden will be very good until there is a lot of change at EA.

P.S. can anyone find any credits for Madden 10? I can't. Did you know that 2k5 had 32 people doing motion capture including NFL stars Tom Brady and Brian Urlacher along with B/C/ and D list talent like Freddie Mitchell, J.J. Stokes and Lamont Jordan and finally a whole list of people I never heard of before. Madden on the other hand looks liek they have like 5 guys and their "star athlete" in a video even admitted that he didn't want to do "fail" motion capture clips where he doesn't do well.

If the Madden team wants to take this game more seriously, get a wide range of talent, people of different builds, record a ton of Motion Capture events inclusing playign well and playing poorly and improve the AI that runs the animations. Watch games and watch offensive/defensive line play. Watch why one lineman gets destroyed by a Dwight freeny while Matt Light can contain him. Watch why one lineman gets killed by Richard Seymore while T. Glenn [retired guard of the Colts] was able to contain him. Poor footwork, poor use of the hips and thus your shoulders and angle fail you, etc. I could go on.

And this is Why NFL 2K5 is the best ever! They put in the necessary work!

EA has the resources to do so and just continues to slide by...smh
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Re: worst madden ever

I have had a lot of gripes with Madden games over the years. I have not played this years madden much so I cannot make a comment on it.

What I can say is what I have said for years:

1- I wish they would go back and totally re-write the OL/DL AI scripting. They way the OL/DL react to each other is totally unrealistic compared to a real NFL football game. This is also compared to CPU and Human. The Human OL/DL never does the same thing the CPU OL/DL does no matter what you set sliders too. This needs to be evened out so they react the same for both parties. Though a total re-right of the AI logic and the animations would go a long way. Case in point: Dwight Freeny is on my DL he is going 1-on-1 with a Tackle he is going to get to the QB a few times in the game maybe not a sack but a hurry or force the QB to move in the pocket. In madden this doesn't happen he either end's up dancing with the OL for 15 seconds or ends up on the floor. Blocking schemes need to be changed as well as the rushing scheme. The whole code and animations should be redone for OL and DL. DB/WR animations could be tweaked also to mimic real life counter parts.

2- This is not gameplay related but when I play madden I hate that my ears bleed listening to the Play-by-play! I thought madden was bad but I'd wish they bring him back compared to what they had the past few years! Is it really that hard to get someone in their who could do some decent play-by-play?

3- Most NFL passing games are done by timing routes. I'd like to see this implemented more in madden. Fade route down by the goal line seem to never work in any madden year though it's very popular pass in the NFL. I'd like to see stop-n-goes have some kind of effect, double move routes setting up the safties using the pump fake (it seems only DL tend to jump when you use this)

Again I have yet to play This years Madden very much but these where thing I was asking for back in 06. little things like 2 and 3 would enhance the enjoyment of this game. Something major like #1 needs to be redone so we can finally stop having to come up with super schemse to move LB's and DL into certain spots to exploit the AI to get some pressure on the QB.
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Re: worst madden ever

Best next gen Madden "EVER"...i hate that word..so over-used on this board.

It is the best Madden on PS3/360 yet. NO contest.

AND, it is improving through patches and this dev team has shown they will continue to listen to the community to make 11 even better.

So sorry if I don't dwell on the negative. Do some things need to be fixed? Yes! Do the devs show an interst in fixing them? YES!

Instead of b!tching, send them a PM or post in the appropriate thread and it will be addressed.
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Re: worst madden ever

I was expecting this turn w/ Madden it seems that after 2 weeks it becomes a complaint fest. I had some fun w/ 08 but, wasn't involved. 09 in my eyes was much better than 08, and 10 is much better than 09. The game is getting better each of the last 3 years. enjoy the game we have or keep whining like this.
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