Questions for a Madden Newb

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Questions for a Madden Newb

I'm new to Madden, been an NCAA guy myself, bought madden and here is my problem

I'm 7-0 right now with the saints on my Franchise (not online), but i have a few questions. Keep in mind i play on PRO, i've gone to all-pro and won a game, but keeping it at all-pro makes me want to bite the cd in half.

A) i wanted to sign a free agent, but for some reason, the computer rejects all my offers when i offer what he asks, yet if i let the CPU sign free agents, they get him for the low ball price the player asks for ($850k for 1 year no signing bonus, i try it, i have to pay em 1.6 mill, with 450k signing bonus). How do you acquire free agents cheap like the CPU?

B) Do the players progress during the year. So far, not one player stat has changed during my season for any players. Is there a place i'm supposed to go to upgrade or train my players during the season?

C) I'm fearing offseason because i feel like i'm gonna leave something vital out. Is there something i need to do during the season every week, like train players, or re-sign players? I get the feeling like i'm gonna get to offseason, and then have no picks because i didn't scout any players (which i bought the madden max scout pack so every one is fully scouted). Am i being paranoid and should just play the season and everything will workout, or are there some tips u have for re signing, and signing new players, and drafting.

D) What's the better defense, 4-3 or 3-4? I feel my defense is 100% completely random, and that i contribute nothing to shutting down the D, it's purely luck. The only thing i do well is rush the QB from the DE, what are your tips (this is against the CPU by the way).

E) Running the ball. Doesn't exist. How do u run effectively. Pierre Thomas averages 3 yard/carry. And Bush is either a gain of 4 or a loss of 2. I try to let the play develop but the holes close up quickly. Does the CPU know when u hit the Sprint button, and shed blocks quickly? Also, i know flicking the right stick left or right jukes, and flicking it forward powers forward; what do i do to break tackles when defenders stand me up? it seems like the CPU can break my tackles, but all i do is pop up and eventually get dragged down in the same place.
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Re: Questions for a Madden Newb

A, crappy trade logic
B, they progress after the season is over
C, scout players for the draft thats about it.
D, 3,4 better for the pass 4,3 better for the run, i dont use either all the time i mix it up during the game.

E, run out side, use the analog sticks and use the spin button.
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