Would You Be Upset Over Losing This Way?

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Re: Would You Be Upset Over Losing This Way?

Originally Posted by sicksteen
This is why people should just stick to playing NFL 2K5 until Madden can get its act together. I do not understand how interceptions KEEP going through people! I have lost games because of this as well! Not to mention there is no penalty for running backwards and turning into a throw?#$?$%$

That would never happen in real life because the QB would not be able to see who they are throwing to...SMH EPIC Fail of the Day
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Re: Would You Be Upset Over Losing This Way?

i gotta use that streak and slant play lol.

last play of the game for me i was winning 36-35 dude kicks a field goal i block it but then gets called for running into the kicker and i lose :|
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Re: Would You Be Upset Over Losing This Way?

Originally Posted by billyboy316
Yea I would probably be a little upset but not to the extent of putting Madden on the shelf. Your gripe about the guy doing the same thing over and over is the exact reason I don't play online.

The dropped INTs happen because most defenders can't catch the ball well at all. Your pass that was intercepted was a great read but I think the throw was a little late and since you have Sanchez it was a little off the mark.

Now if Peyton Manning made the bad throw I would be a little more upset.

Just my opinion though but I do feel your pain.
come on man dont take up for this broken game. thats ridiculous. EA needs to change the engine nxt year even if it means taking off a year.
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Re: Would You Be Upset Over Losing This Way?

I feel you dude.
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Re: Would You Be Upset Over Losing This Way?


Originally Posted by Millennium
Hey everyone,

I really didn't want to have to address this, but it seems like it is time.

The video threads end. Now. If you make a short clip of a glitch, or a short video of something you like, good. Post it in an impressions thread, or wherever it needs to go. No more 5-10 minute video threads with your commentary on the world and your views on Madden.

You want your voice heard? Type it out.

It started with one guy, and it was okay. Now it's getting to the point where anybody with a webcam or camcorder is just throwing videos up and posting them here. It's not doing anything but cluttering the forums, and every time they are posted it turns into a 20 page battle of "The video is right" and "no, the video is crap".

Well, as of now, it's done. I don't want to have to turn of HTML in the forums, but I will if necessary (Yeah, I can stop embedding of videos).

I'm asking that you guys do this in order to keep this place cleaner. You can criticize or praise Madden all you want, but the video threads are becoming too much as of late, unfortunately.

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