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Re: The Quarterback's Eyes...

Originally Posted by Only1LT
Lol. The Right stick was not clumsy. If you play First Person Shooters, it is 2nd nature.

What works for some doesn't work for others, so I am not saying that the RS is better or worse than the trigger button method, only that I am tired of seeing people say that the RS method is unplayable. By some maybe, but by me and others it is very playable.
OK, for me it was very clumsy. I wasn't an FPS guy when I was playing Madden 06 on Xbox, and I felt LT+button was better for me, and I found it a bit more realistic for the way I played the game.

That being said, the RS on the 360 is better than the RS on the Xbox.
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Re: The Quarterback's Eyes...

first person view 2k style lol thats the only way to get realism in a fooball game but it would be hard to play that way with a controller.
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Re: The Quarterback's Eyes...

Originally Posted by ZoneBlitz
So, I have watched much analysis of NFL games this year. In almost every analysis, when I hear them talk about a critical play, they mention the importance of the quarterback "looking the defense off" with their eyes, or the defense reading the qbs' eyes.

My point is this; any football player will tell you that the dynamic of seeing where the QB is looking is critical to the game. I don't think that Madden can be a serious nor realistic simulation of football without, in some way, including this dynamic. I know when they put it in, people complained. However, the result was a return to it being a cheese-fest.

In my opinion, it's really important that we get to see where the QB is looking. In real life, that is crucial to the sport. So, if it's in the game, then it SHOULD be in the game.

Your thoughts...
Yea once apon a time ago, there was a feature in Madden called QB vision. Where there was a cone that u controlled to pass to ur recievers. Then an evil group of warlocks emrged and took it away. Yes a very sad story
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Re: The Quarterback's Eyes...

Originally Posted by sois
I would accept the Tecmo Toggle. It was great. The only part I don't like is the cone allowed for "aiming". Aim is awesome.
Put that in the suggestions forums.
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Re: The Quarterback's Eyes...

Done properly, seeing the Quarterback's eyes can work. Of course it's a technical difficulty; but so is everything else. I'm sure that Pro-Tak and other features were not a walk in the park. The euphoria engine took a lot to implement; but those things are still done. It's time it happens. I just think that we should have more options regarding how close the game is to real football.

If technical difficulty is the issue; then why produce any cutting edge game. Seriously, HALO, Gears Of War, Grand Theft Auto - I always hear the developer talking about how hard they had to work to bring it to fruition. That's the solution, work hard and get it done. Without seeing the QB's eyes, we are missing a major part of the game.
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Re: The Quarterback's Eyes...

I'm going to throw two ideas out there.
One is use the new cameras that the systems have/going to have (eye toy for PS3) and Xbox 360's new camera to head track, and pull the camera closer to your player so you have to turn your head to see your receivers. No manual adjustments to aim without seeing the receiver but you can dump the ball whenever you want. The camera can be pulled in more for worse QB's and further out for better rated ones.
Second idea. Add mouse support for the systems, get rid of icon passing, and use the mouse to aim and the left or right side of the controller (one handed) to move your player. This would make it hard to run with the back but not impossible if some moves were mapped to the mouse buttons.
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Re: The Quarterback's Eyes...

how about totally revamping passing take away passing icons, but have a little circle type thing as to where you want to ball to land.. this could simulate as "eyes" and it will give a realistic opportunity to lead receivers and place balls perfectly and gives more of a chance of errant throws if you have to move it and throw quickly.. just an idea
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Re: The Quarterback's Eyes...

Originally Posted by TCrouch
I've wanted something like this for years. Oddly enough, Tecmo Bowl had one of the greatest systems for this. Every play in real life has a progression.

All they'd need to do is start the QB's vision on the primary target. Flick the R stick to the right to move to your next progression. Flick it back to the left to simulate looking off a receiver and then back.

Pull the RT to throw the ball.

Throw the LT to throw the ball to your designated "checkdown" receiver (a back or TE, etc).

Simple method of giving us a true progression of QB reads and throws. I don't know why it's so tough when Tecmo Bowl on NES had one button to move to the next receiver and one to throw--QB's can't look at everything all the time, so at least that system would simulate it (since we have a Bird's Eye view of the entire field and can see everything at once, it would handicap that).
Forgot about this. You are correct sir. This would be perfect.
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