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One month ago I was saying Madden 10 is the best Madden in history, today I cant play the game without getting a headache out of frustration. The flats I can deal with, the simmed stats I can deal with for now. To me EA has created the greatest Madden ever and then said screw it and destroyed it with the freaking duck passes. If there were no duck passes and the QB just took the sack instead this would be an amazing game in my opinion. When I play through a season I end up with ~20 sacks as a team, 15 of which are stupid screen AI sacks, and 40-50 ints with 10-15 being to DEFENSIVE LINEMAN. I don't know if its possible but if so please, PLEASE vastly lower the amount of duck passes or even take them out completely.

On a side note how come a with the Int slider down to 10 my CBs/FS/SS will catch around 1/5 possible ints while the D-Line catches near 100%? Does the Int slider effect DLineman?
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Re: Please?

MY Int slider is at 15 and have not had a INT with the DL in about 37 games... Maybe the Giants D-Line cant catch
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Re: Please?

I have lowered all INTs to 0 for both me and the CPU. That helps a little. I was getting pretty annoyed with the duck ints to opposing lineman. And the fact that the CPU was turning over the ball too often.

I completely agree that they key to this game is to eliminate, or vastly limit, the duck pass. It would increase sacks (Demarcus Ware had 4 last season in my franchise) and limit the some of the BS interceptions. Newman led the league in INTs because the CPU quarterback too often decided to throw into coverage instead of taking the occasional sack!
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