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Such BS

4th year into my Franchise, and my starting RB Jonathon Sterwart gets injured on a HB Dive and 2 plays later they say its a fractured Vertabrae and it's career ending...

I'm thinking "WTF" and my first thing that popped in my head was to restart the game since it's only the first Quarter, but I knew I played for realism so I finished the game and now have a 2nd year RB off of one of the generated rookies looking to take over now.

My first 3 years went like this with the Browns

1: 11-5 (Lost in Wild Card round 26-23 against San Diego)
2: 9-7 (Lost in Super Bowl 35-28 against Dallas)
3: 12-4 (Lost in AFC Divisional Game 28-18 against New England, they went on to win the Super Bowl)

I play on 14, one below All Madden with DB's sliders and now im 2-0 in year 4 but without my starting RB, it is going to be difficult.

Has anyone else encountered a career ending injury to one of your players or have dealt one to your opponent during a game? If it happened to your team, what did you do? Restart or went on with it?

It was hard to go through it because Stewart was my future RB for years after I let go of Jamal Lewis, but oh well I guess it happened since I'm playing with the Browns lol.

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Re: Such BS

That sucks, but I always roll with it. It's part of the fun of the game. That chaos is part of what makes football so fun. You never know when you are going to have to rely on Ryan Fitzpatrick for a season, so it makes you really appreciate Carson Palmer.
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Re: Such BS

That is why I love autosave functions in football games...keeps you honest. Only way to get around stuff like that is to reset your console/game.
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Re: Such BS

I think you can buy a cheat that will bring him back. LOL
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Re: Such BS

In M08, I was playing a franchise with my friend. My starting QB was a low overall(70 something) and I ended up going 2-14. I draft Matthew Stafford first of first, who came out as an overall 84. First preseason game, second offensive drive, Stafford gets hit sticked in the back and goes down with a fractured vertebrae. For the next 3 years, My team floundered under poor QB after poor QB until I drafted another one.
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