This Right Here, The Truth Revealed!!!

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This Right Here, The Truth Revealed!!!

“The Good Madden Giveth and it Taketh away”

This game sits right in the 7.50 -8.25 range. It sits on both the precipice of greatness and the edge of EPIC FAIL. Not because of what it does right, but because of all the little things (mentioned below) that it lacks. I mean they give us great presentation but then give a HORRIBLE ONLINE DYNASTY. They give a multitude of customizable uniforms but the 3-4 DL interaction is still weak!!

I am of the mind that EVERYTHING ever put in Madden or NCAA College Football should be in the game (provided they were actually effective). I mean all of it!!!

FULLY FUNCTIONAL ONLINE DYNASTY, Expansion Team Builder, Formation Substitutions, Vision Cone, Stadium Specific Sounds, Tony Bruno Show, Dynamic Crowds, a Team finance system that actually matters etc. Matter of Fact just for my boy Adembroski I throw Head Coach and it's multitude of options in the mix too. Therefore, if any of these features are missing from the game I start out disappointed already. I mean these developers want to try and Nickel and Dime us to death in order to make a profit in this weak economy and boost their sagging profits, but they want to short us on the actual elements that matter!!!

Second, I’m not a ***** or lover of any video game company, developer, designer, etc.

Are some asking for too much or are we asking for too little?!?!?!?

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Re: This Right Here, The Truth Revealed!!!


LOL, I want to talk about this stuff mayne!!
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Re: This Right Here, The Truth Revealed!!!

I'm guessing the reason we "lose a feature to get a feature" is because of disc space. Granted now that consoles have HDDs and can read external HDDs, that shouldn't be a concern now, imo. Do it like PC game makers do, compress the packages and install them to the HDD.

I wouldn't even say it's nickle-and-diming us because the features just disappear. Heck, if they did that, we'd probably have all those features and some in this M10 and people would be saying Finally, 6 years later, Madden has truly arrived. Instead, it's the same "I like this, but why did they take that out?" or "This is nice, but they still didn't fix that."

I agree we should have gotten everything that works, and what didn't should be tweaked. Any progress Madden has made over the years is dampened by this.

It's like the developers don't like options. Why remove the cone completely? Just let it be a toggle. Same for the Bruno show, etc. Why can't we have all that and Pro-Tak and the new accuracy set up? Heck, the cone could have taken different shapes based on the Accuracy of the QB for the pass depth. You'd get different cones - further changing up the game play on an "old" feature.

As far as asking too much/too little, I think it's somewhere in between. There are limitations and sometimes we might be asking for things just not possible, then again, we shouldn't just accept not seeing any steps towards trying to erase those limitations.

I agree, the game is about an 8 out of 10, which is pretty much what the game has always been, imo.

Ironic that the only thing not scrapped is probably the most limiting thing of all - the overall game engine.
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Re: This Right Here, The Truth Revealed!!!

Use the Impressions Thread.


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