Theoretical Threat for Madden???

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Re: Theoretical Threat for Madden???

Originally Posted by Pringles
i did not mean it in a negative way sorry. i am saying from a observation point of view you really must be upset at the quality of the product as well as the direction. it is hard to improve a game when you switch the team every other year. would you not agree ? its not like there are to many teams out there that have experience when ea sports is the only company makeing a nfl game.
so if there failing would you rather get another person who swears up n down this and that change. you will see another step backwards if anything. have you ever had developers to this extent interact with the community for input and idea's only to get bashed over and over on what they doing wrong and to keep on posting and ignore the abuse id get tired of it after awhile the first 2 weeks the game released they all say hail to the new chief 2 weeks later same users down with ian burn him on the crosss lol .

these guys get it...the game was a mess when they got in and not only did they have to correct the messes they had to make a completly new football game and direction all in 1 year the problem with long standing running madden series is you can close your eyes and tell what camera angle the gamewill be in the next year how will the presentation will be the same ratings and call it madden 2011 what they need is to completly re think how to present the madden series how to get a closer reprentation of the sport from an angle that has never been done before. it is 21 years later and not much has changed.

well anyways like i said i am sorry was not trying to offend you in anyway.
Cool cool just cant tell with words what some guys are getting at in these rooms. So thought it was going negative when thats totally not what I was going for. I agree with you. I know Ian and that "new team" is working really hard to make something happen and they've only had a year to do it. I agree. I just wish they would just stick to making a sound football game that expresses football and leave all these other things alone. I know these guys work their tales off no doubt. Just want a regular football game where no one says thats not real football. When people are comparing games from 3 and 5 years ago that's just not right. Theres no way those games should ever be mentioned with something made in 09, but it continues to happen. Guess I'm a little frustrated with the title and only want the best.
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Re: Theoretical Threat for Madden???

Originally Posted by sois
These stupid game developers are failing to realize that offline franchise is their bread and butter. Why they want to force the online stuff down our throats, I'll never understand.

because so many people said, "2k just make a game, any game, and ill buy it!!" and then complained about some things that were lacking. i think the online community had a lot to do with 2k even deciding to spend resources making all pro. online community meaning message boards and such. you know if all pro had the stars they had now and made up some people for each star tier, it would have made things more interesting. but then, if youre gonna make up bronze gold and silver players, you might as well not use legends at all. i think the franchise thing could have worked if age, salary and contract length were generated at random whenever you started a franchise. but then again, you'll need some made up players so no team would have duplicates. i like all pro football but.... anyway the legal issue is that any company who tries the nfl "emulation" better have money cuz. Ea dont have to win their suit against you. all they have to do is tie the thing up in court till either their next madden comes out, or until your legal bills are so high you cant afford to make the game. sry for long post
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Re: Theoretical Threat for Madden???

Originally Posted by Pringles
yo tommy you must really feel a passion for this game to be made lol ,you been a member since 2003 with 97 posts i have been a member for a month and have more posts than you lol sorry i just find it funny.
and a good indicator that you are not happy with the direction of the madden series.

you got to give it to the madden team though they did make madden 10 like 2k5 and the game is 10 times better than 09. sure the game has bugs they all do i just don't get how people get mad when they did such a dramatic change in 1 year you can not get to were you want in one it takes 3 years of development. i am sure the top of there list is to fix running animations the fifa engine is what i herd locomotion.

if you ever see ea sports running animations its all knee motion were 2k is more weight shift from left side to right with low knee steps in between more realistic.
1st of all, Madden is NOT like 2k5...they tried to duplicate some of the presentation, and failed miserably, IMO. The presentation aspects just don't flow in many cases...they feel like something EA threw together just to say "it's in the game". And this, more than anything, shows me Tiburon really doesn't understand what they're doing...the game looks and feels rushed and unfinished in many ways. And ONCE AGAIN, QA absolutely sucks for the Madden series, which Ian stated they were gonna' address this year.

2nd, people are pissed off and complaining because these problems have been the same ever since EA bought the NFL license! People can say it was the changeover to 360 and PS3, but the truth is EA has sat on their laurels and run Madden damn near into the ground ever since there has been no competition...coincidence???

3rd, many of the complaints of the game are the SAME ones we've had for years. Yet, rather than just fix the damn game and make it right, every year we're fed some baloney new "feature" that's supposed to make our jaws drop (in EAs own words). The only time Madden 10 made my jaw drop was the numerous times I saw unbelievably idiotic programming that hasn't changed in years.

and lastly, there's the video of Ian, spouting ALMOST word for word the same tired rhetoric when he was talking about Madden a couple years back. Basically, people are fed up.
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Re: Theoretical Threat for Madden???

On the legality of creating an online platform to host user-created teams and stadiums:

This would be analogous to YouTube. The reigning law on this type of thing is that they can't require the creator of the platform (in your idea, that's Visual Concepts) to screen all user uploaded content for copyright infringement, nor is the platform creator liable for that user uploaded content. However, the owner of the platform is required to take down copyrighted content when the copyright owners file a complaint, and act with due diligence to protect copyright owners.

Also, they could take down such a platform if it serves no significant purpose than to infringe on copyright. (Which basically means, for your theoretical game, that people better be making lots of teams that are not related to the NFL, AFL, CFL, or NCAA. If 90% of their traffic is copyrighted teams, they're getting shut down.)

Long story short:
If this theoretical game was made, and few people played it and few people created and shared user-made NFL teams, then EA and the NFL probably wouldn't give a ****. However, if it grew in popularity, they could force the creators (VC) to take down any user-created NFL stuff they find.

This also explains why TeamBuilder allows you to upload whatever you want. EA Sports owns the rights to NFL and NCAA games, and there must not be enough people making NFL teams in TeamBuilder for them to really see it as a threat to their Madden business. On the other hand, they also may take down NFL teams and not make a big fuss about it. I don't have NCAA 10, are there a bunch of NFL teams available for download?
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