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Re: Looking off safeties . . .

Originally Posted by Guggy107
not a terrible idea, but this does not make QB awareness matter. with this idea, we are back to square 1 as far as it being just as easy for grossman to find an open reciever as for manning. i feel that the best thing about the vision cone is that it makes QB awareness matter.
His idea is basically a vision cone without the cone. A lot of people hated the vision cone because of the flashlight on the field. The best thing to do instead having the flashlight would be to highlight the WR that the QB is looking at. Peyton Manning's vision cone was huge, you really didn't even have to lock on to an individual WR. If there was a WR out of Peyton's view on the other side of the field, you just had to move the right stick to the left. For Peyton, multiple WRs in the same area would be highlighted, for Grossman one WR at a time would be highlighted. That would make it harder for the user to find receivers with mediocore QBs.

Another option, which is a better one in my opinion, would be for every QB to only have one WR highlighted at a time, but the speed in which the QB could switch from one receiving icon to the next would depend on that QB's awareness rating. For QBs with a low awareness rating, it would take longer to switch from one QB to the next, making it harder to get to your 3rd or 4th read.

This will stop users from becoming so skilled with the cone that they can get to their 3rd and 4th read just as easy with a QB that is slop, as it is with a QB that is a future HOF. No matter how skilled you get, you'll still struggle to get to your 3rd and 4th read. You should always have to game plan around bad QBs, not approve you stick skills to the point where it doesn't matter.
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Re: Looking off safeties . . .

After watching Favre last night, seeing how he looked off the whole Packers D w/ his eyes.
It was a perfect ex. of why the vision cone should be implemented back into Madden 11 in some way.

I like the idea of the lower awr qbs cone moving slower and keeping you from getting to all your reads so easy. Now when I say slower, im not saying terribly slower, just maybe tenths of a second slower.

Bring Back the Vision cone EA!
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