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Re: QB Scramble

Originally Posted by Evolved
If he's behind the line of scrimmage that's still a sack.
Apparently not in madden.
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Re: QB Scramble

Sometimes I only rush 2-3 defenders and overload to one side. It can get some good pressure, but it does leave the D open to the QB scramble.

Basically, this is the only time I ever see them take off out of the pocket, and it's only with QBs like Romo or Big Ben.
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Re: QB Scramble

I play a cover 2 man 99.9% of the time, and don't get much pressure so QB's always have a long time. Almost all of them will move in the pocket to the right a bit (towards the RT/LE) and react to quick pressure, but when the play breaks down few guys to tuck it and run consistently.

I've seen schaub and mcnabb take off the most, usually up the middle if the DT's go wide. Never played VY, garcia or vick.
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Re: QB Scramble

Wouldn't it be great if the AI recognized when a QB is a scrambling type and adjusted accordingly so that they will scramble more often without any toying with the settings?
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Re: QB Scramble

Originally Posted by permanent1
Apparently not in madden.
True they do that feet first slide and the ref blows the play dead no sack.
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Re: QB Scramble

Jeff garcia scrambled like 8 times on me in a game... got frustrating, but i'm glad it was part of the game
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