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EA = Money Hungry

A while back I made a suggestion that it would be cool if EA offered NFL Jerseys for our Avatars. The thread got closed but this was my original post.

Re: For the ea developers
I'd like to add, another way for EA to make some extra cash is to offer us dowloadable team jerseys for our avatars 360 only of course. I'd pay 1.00 for a Dwyane Bowe Jersey for my avatar. Sell a million jerseys, got yourself a million bucks. Hell give us the entire uniforms and make even more cash.

As You can see I'd have no problem paying $1.00 for a jersey, but unfortunately, that's not the asking price.
Well now they are available but they are not 80 MS points like all the other games Shirts are, they are 320 MS points and all you can get is 00 for a number. All EA cares about is money, bottom line. You would think they would offer these jerseys at aprice that's in the same ball park as other games jerseys, but no, they are EA.

Madden 10 is a let down again, I finally see the light, they don't know how to make a football game, and the over charge you for everything they release. I'm done with them.

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Re: EA = Money Hungry

chilled tale brethren
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Re: EA = Money Hungry

Oh no, a company that wants to make money! The world is ending
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Re: EA = Money Hungry

another gripe thread........ Can we get a lock on this
I dont remember there names but they were allot of fun....
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In case you forgot...
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Re: EA = Money Hungry

Originally Posted by BooShay
Oh no, a company that wants to make money! The world is ending

EA's primary goal is to make money, just like 2K's primary goal is to make money, just like Activision's primary goal is to make money.
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Re: EA = Money Hungry

Some companies like to create a mind blowing product and price it competitively to gain a market advantage (usually what happens when there is a lot of competition), and offer their customers a whole lot of value, and let word of mouth drive their marketing and business.

Other companies (EA), like to go cheap on development budget, and quality assurance, and spend out the wazoo on advertising, marketing, licensing, etc.

EA has a lot of intelligent suits with a lot of business savvy heading their business initiatives (guys who sat on the board of fortune 500 companies). EA has grown into a very large corporation. They've bought out many of their competitors or put them out of business -- they're obviously doing things right from a business standpoint.

The type of consumers EA targets for Madden are people who only know what they see on TV (there's still a lot of dumb people that can be branded by seeing a company logo 100x's a week while watching Monday night football with the family). And boy, if EA is anywhere, it's on TV. I see more Madden commercials on primetime TV spots than I do Geico commercials these days. Just think how much of those dollars would be better spent on high quality developers (expensive development teams with A1 track records) who are actually innovating and making an amazing video football game. It's much less of a risk to spend millions on advertising, though, and recoup that money by putting obtrusive ads in the game, and nickeling and diming their demographic (kids, parents, casual gamers, etc) who don't know any better.

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Re: EA = Money Hungry

We have a gripe thread. That's why your original was locked. Don't open another one on this subject. Last warning.
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