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My New Cowboys Franchise...

1st Year of Franchise:

These are the moves I made ASAP:

1.) Traded D. Ware(ROLB) for S. Merriman(ROLB)+ N. Hardwick (C)+ Draft Pick Rnd 3 of the Chargers.
- For Cap reasons and to replace my aging OL. Merriman is almost at par with Ware has 2 yr remaining in his contract for just 8.5M in total.

2.) Traded P. Crayton(WR)+ R. Williams for M. Massaqoui(WR)+ B. Robiske(WR)+ Draft Pick Rnd 3.

3.) B. Carpenter(MLB)+ K. Hemlin(FS) for Q.Demps(FS)+ Draft Pick Rnd 3 of the Eagles.

I don't know if I made the right moves out there but I am ready to face the consequence if there are any.

After those trades and signing of FA's, I simmed the whole 1st year of my franchise. Following patiently with every game and moves the CPU made. Scouting the Draft's and watching how the players evolved.

My team was a total disaster with a record of 4-12.

Season MVP:
Tom Brady ( Patriots) 352/539, 4850 yds, 43 TD, 11 INT, 112 QB Rating
Offensive Player of the Year:
Tom Brady ( Patriots) 352/539, 4850 yds, 43 TD, 11 INT, 112 QB Rating
Defensive Player of the Year:
Jon Beason ( Panthers ) 151 Tackles, 1 INT, 3 TD, 2 Sacks, 8 Forced Fumbles, 3 Forced Fumble Recoveries
Offensive Rookie of the Year:
Mark Sanchez ( Jets ) 248/417, 2946 yds, 23 TD, 7 INT,92.4 QB Rating
Defensive Rookie of the Year:
Aaron Curry ( Seahawks ) 73 Tackles, 1 INT, 3 Sacks, 3 Forced Fumbles, 1 Forced Fumble Recovery
Coach of the Year:
Jim Caldwell ( Colts ) - 13-3

Superbowl XLIV:

Green Bay Packers vs Pittsburgh Steelers

1st 2nd 3rd 4th
0 7 14 0 - 21 Packers
0 0 7 0 - 7 Steelers
Tramon Williams: 6 Tackles ,1 INT, 1 Forced Fumble, 1 TD


Salaries: 102.72M
CAP: 40.28M

Penalties: 0K

AVG Salary: 20.06M

Head Coach- N. Turner
Offensive Coordinator- P. Carmichael
Defensive Coordinator- P. Rivera
Special Teams- D. Toub

Vandelay World Bank 6.50M for 2 Yrs ( 12 wins )


Re-signing Contract/s:
S. Jones(SS)- 6 yr deal worth 36.74M
D. Anderson(FB)- 6 yr deal worth 5.87M
P. Watkins(SS)- 5 yr deal worth 4.74M
M. Austin(WR)- 5 yr deal worth 9.17M
J. Hatcher(LE)- 1 yr deal worth 810K
S. Bowen(RE)- 1 yr deal worth 810K
P. McQuistan- 5 yr deal worth 5M

Free Agent Signing:

I simulated it 'coz it's useless. I can't sign them anyway.

2nd Year of Franchise:

Traded T. Romo(QB)+ Draft Pick Rnd 1 for Joe Kain(QB)+ Draft Pick Rnd 3 of the Buccaneers.
- Finally got rid of Romo.

2.) Traded F. Jones(HB) for R. Brace(DT)+ M. Wright(DT) of the Patriots.

3.) Traded K. Brooking(MLB)+ Draft Pick Rnd 3 for G. Hayes(LOLB) of the Patriots.

4.) Traded T. Newman(CB) for D. Watson(CB)+ D. Butler(CB) of the Patriots.

5.) Signed S. Moss(WR) to a 3 yr deal worth 18M, K. Barton(LT) to a 1 yr deal worth 780K, D. Connolly(LG) to a 1 yr deal worth 760K, B. Green-Ellis(HB) to a 2 yr deal worth 3.46M and T. Duckworth(RG) to a 1 yr deal worth 780K.

6.) Traded S. Moss(WR) for C. Shilens(WR)+ Draft Pick Rnd 2+ Draft Pick Rnd 4 of the Falcons.

Official Roster:

1.) Joe Kain - 85 OVR, 22 y/o
2.) Jon Kitna - 68 OVR, 37 y/o
3.) Stephen McGee - 64 OVR, 24 y/o

1.) Marion Barber - 88 OVR, 27 y/o
2.) Tashard Choice - 83 OVR, 25 y/o
3.) Benjarvus Green-Ellis - 70 OVR, 25 y/o

1.) Deon Anderson - 79 OVR, 27 y/o

1.) Mohamed Massaqoui - 79 OVR, 23 y/o
2.) Chaz Schilens - 79 OVR, 24 y/o
3.) Brian Robiske - 76 OVR, 22 y/o
4.) Miles Austin - 72 OVR, 26 y/o

1.) Jason Witten - 97 OVR, 28 y/o
2.) Martellus Bennett - 81 OVR, 23 y/o
3.) John Phillips - 65 OVR, 23 y/o

1.) Flozell Adams - 81 OVR, 35 y/o
2.) Kirk Barton - 55 OVR, 25 y/o

1.) Kyle Kosier - 82 OVR, 31 y/o
2.) Dan Connolly - 59 OVR, 27 y/o

1.) Andre Gurode - 93 OVR, 32 y/o
2.) Nick Hardwick - 85 OVR, 28 y/o

1.) Leonard Davis - 90 OVR, 31 y/o
2.) Tim Duckworth - 58 OVR, 27 y/o

1.) Marc Colombo - 81 OVR, 31 y/o
2.) Pat McQuistan - 67 OVR, 27 y/o

1.) Jason Hatcher - 57 OVR, 28 y/o
2.) Jayme Mitchell - 51 OVR, 26 y/o

1.) Igor Olshansky - 82 OVR, 28 y/o
2.) Stephen Bowen - 57 OVR, 26 y/o

1.) Jay Ratliff - 91 OVR, 29 y/o
2.) Ron Brace - 75 OVR, 23 y/o
3.) Mike Wright - 74 OVR, 28 y/o

1.) Geno Hayes - 77 OVR, 23 y/o
2.) Anthony Spencer - 76 OVR, 26 y/o(I put him in LE as a starter)
3.) Victor Butler - 67 OVR, 24 y/o

1.) Bradie James - 85 OVR, 29 y/o
2.) Jason Williams - 60 OVR, 24 y/o

1.) SHawne Merriman - 87 OVR, 26 y/o

1.) Mike Jenkins - 82 OVR, 25 y/o
2.) Orlando Scandrick - 81 OVR, 23 y/o
3.) Darius Butler - 77 OVR, 24 y/o
4.) Dewayne Watson - 76 OVR, 22 y/o

1.) Quintin Demps - 82 OVR, 25 y/o
2.) Michael Hamlin - 68 OVR, 24 y/o

1.) Sea Jones - 83 OVR, 28 y/o
2.) Pat Watkins - 66 OVR, 27 y/o

1.) Nick Folk - 93 OVR, 25 y/o
2.) David Buehler - 69 OVR, 23 y/o


1.) Mat McBriar - 95 OVR, 31 y/o

After that very long preparation, I'm all set to start the newly born Dallas Cowboys Franchise.

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Re: My New Cowboys Franchise...

You got rid of D. Ware??? Why? At least wait and trade him on draft day so he can help you for the season. Also, in my experience it's the LT, LG, and RT positions that need attention on the OL first, Gurode and Davis are good for the first year or two before regressing, so Hardwick was unnecessary, you should have gone for the Chargers 92 OVR G (I forget his name).

Also, YOU LET GO OF FELIX JONES???????? Seriously? He is the single most dangerous player on the Cowboys' roster. He has a good chance to take it to the house any time he touches the ball. Why would you trade Jones for some DTs when you have a Pro-Bowl caliber DT in Jay Ratliff already?

Always do the draft, you can sim the signings, but do the draft, it's year 2 and your starting LE is Jason Hatcher at 57 OVR? If you did the draft you could have found someone in the 70's OVR to replace him.

Overall, I give this Franchise an F- for the sole reason that you GOT RID OF FELIX JONES! Trading D. Ware was also a bad idea, but trading away Jones was the worse of the two.
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Re: My New Cowboys Franchise...

Your team is going to be crippled / very much handicapped by cap penalties from all those trades. Romo, Newman, Hamlin, Crayton, and Williams all have rather large and long contracts, and Carpenter, Brooking, and Jones' contracts aren't insignificant either. On top of that, signing and trading Santana Moss, unless you somehow did it with no signing bonus, will only add to this problem. You probably will run into significant problems attempting to resign some of your new key players with expiring contracts (off the top of my head, Orlando Scandrick's deal expires after year two).

You're slower and less explosive at running back (let's face it, Felix Jones was the fastest player on the team to start with), less experienced and worse at quarterback (getting rid of Romo is baffling to me, he's spectacular on this game), and got rid of the one sure playmaker on the defense (Ware is a monster, though understandably his contract demands probably facilitated the move). That said, you are younger and deeper at receiver and, thanks to the progression of Scandrick and Jenkins along with your moves, better in the secondary on the whole. Your defensive personnel is also now flexible enough to play a 4-3 if you wanted to.

I won't grade you or anything because ultimately it's your game and you do what tickles your fancy, but I will say I would never consider doing the same thing as A) the cap implications are going to be massive (there's a reason you couldn't sign any of your draft picks, and that is going to hurt badly if it continues), and B) your team is not really better off, IMO.
Christopher Hooe
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Re: My New Cowboys Franchise...

Thanks for the comments and suggestions guys. I really appreciate it. I agree that I shouldn't let go of Ratliff but I need to. And yes I would have problems in the future with my CAP, but that is if I don't make it to the playoffs and soon. My only chance now is to clinch into the Divisional Round or make it to the Superbowl if ever. That way I can compensate those CAP penalties with my income.
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Re: My New Cowboys Franchise...

I agree with the above post

Why do you get rid of Ware and Felix Jones.Terrible

Why don't you do the draft,thats the best way to build a great franchise.

On 1 draft i got a 85 OVR ROLB in the 4th round and a LT OVR 81 in the 6th round.Then you sign them to long term deals worth like half a million a year.By the time they are in there 3rd year they are in the 90's and being paid crap money.

The best way is the draft, it would seriously improve the team each year.I will give you a C-, you do have some good young players to bulid around in the future.
This will stay here until the cowboys win the superbowl (wont be too long) Go Cowboys!!
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Re: My New Cowboys Franchise...

Wow...holy overhaul Batman!

The cap penalties are gonna be killer.

I understand trading Romo and even Jones (his INJ should be 35 in the game, he's never had more than 8 carries in a real game because he leaves with injuries).

What I don't get is dumping Ware. The only player on D worth a crap.
Don't look back too long and don't look too far ahead.
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Re: My New Cowboys Franchise...

Wow dissasemble the whole team, I run the same franchise, I do not move Romo because what Romo does in real life I do not dislike him in madden, He has a good rating in madden, and I do not trade Ware, in madden the cowboys are a superbowl caliber team even if they may not be the same in real life.
I resigned Ware and let Marcus Spears go and got Renaldo Wynn from the washington redskins (note washington released him).
I would not do it in real life because wynn is a 4-3 end but in Madden it does not matter.
I let go of Buehler the Kicker because folk is my kicker, and I have McBriar handling a kickoffs. I traded down in the draft getting out of the first round.
I promoted McGee to the number 2 Quarterback since Kitna retired
I am looking for a new left tackle to replace flozell Adams but that can wait since his rating has not dropped that much. So far I have a strong team and not too much problem with the salary cap.
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