What happened to all those features from the blogs?????

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Exclamation What happened to all those features from the blogs?????

For the very FIRST TIME I am trading in Madden 2 months after release. I am sick of the game already! Zone is garbage, Man to Man is garbage - it is just pathetic.

So what happened to "defenders must see the ball to pick it off"? I still have DBS running with their back to the ball and then magically jump and catch it for an interception. Speaking of interceptions because of cheesers DBS have a better advantage at the ball - the whole Strafe catching well made it at least FAIR so both players can look at the ball and be able to jump and catch it - but nope DBS can still can turn on the drop of the dime and get the pick. And defenders once they have the ball in their hands NEVER DROP IT! NEVER! Why is it WRS can catch the ball and then drop it but DBS can't? You mean to tell me DBS have better hands than WRS! Jesus if you see it on sunday dont see it in madden!

What happened to Adaptive A.I.? Me and a friend were playing and tested this out - I ran the same play all game (btw there is a play that works 99.9% of the time) and you know what we had seen - the player open EVERY TIME! He went cover 2, cover 3, man to man, all kinds of plays and never did the AI catch on and stop it. Pathetic!

Also why are WRS still jumping for the ball? Why! Too many times I have a nice first down but the fact they jump for a ball that they have no business jumping for negates the play. And what's up with that catch animation where you catch the ball and the WR makes that little juke move?

I have yet to see guys know where the sideline is! They still run out of bounds and have no idea where the sideline is! And that animation where they break a tackle and run out of bounds - PATHETIC!

The "you can still throw it when hit" yeah your right A FING LOB! You know how many games I had lost because of that? Why not have the ball go to the dirt more times than a lob - it happens in real life A LOT! How many pop flies do you see in a real life game? 1-2 a SEASON? How many in madden - 2-3 a QUARTER!

Online Franchise is a complete joke - but hey it's your first attempt

How did you guys fix flat routes - oh make the RB WALK past the los - no joke they actually WALK and then take off - making them almost useless!

Zones are too deep and again USELESS! You can abuse slants all day and win 99.9% of the time and with no adaptive AI well yeah it sucks

Run blocking is still and always has been HORRENDOUS! Ian go play 2k5 that's what I want

Did you know about your little glitch on defense? Oh no theres no glitches or money moves in madden - wrong! Take a DE and second the ball is hiked hold down on the right thumbstick he will do a shoulder shrug and get by the OL and be able to cleanly hit the QB almost every time.

Your whole "look a player can break out of a gang tackle thing" is pure CRAP! Why? Because defenders stand there CLUELESS! I had 3 guys IN FRONT OF THE RB and they watch him break free and go to the endzone. PURE CRAP!

This game is a joke - and next year I WILL NOT BE A SUCKER! Next year I WILL NOT feed into all your blogs and shiny videos and go to a midnight release - I have been to midnight release forever since as far as I can remember - I think my first one was 2001 or 2002 or something of the sort! Not next year! I won't be buying this game it will be a RENT from Gamefly!

EA thanks again for completely not capturing the football experience! Thanks again for letting me down! yes it WAS A STEP UP from previous madden's but when you look closely it's still as bad! I am not blinded anymore

Screw you EA!

EDIT: I know most of you will support EA and say how great it is and put tl;dr but maybe a few of you will be able to actually comprehend what is being said here and read this!
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Re: What happened to all those features from the blogs?????

Dude... it's just a game...
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Re: What happened to all those features from the blogs?????

Gripe thread.
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