Madden NFL 10 Blog: 2nd Title Update Preliminary Details

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Old 10-17-2009, 03:41 AM   #57
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Re: Preliminary details

Originally Posted by Moegames
Well since your selling the game..i guess we wont be seeing any more of your whining correct?
Is it REALLY necessary that you post the same thing over and over? just because somebody has issues with the game or have decided to sell it,give them just as much right to be here as someone who praises the game...this IS a public forum...remember??

Originally Posted by Moegames
some of ya sound worse then a rich old lady having a baby tantrum over a cracked finger nail
...if that isn't the "pot calling the kettle black".....it's no different than you going into threads with your same rant of " well...since you won't be playing the game...I guess we won't be seeing anymore of your whining"

OT....the patch sounds ok,but I'm hoping as the time draws near,something is mentioned about the horrid suction blocking. This has been a staple of EA football games dating back to the ps2/xbox days,and for the life of me...I can't figure why this is NEVER adressed.

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Old 10-17-2009, 03:57 AM   #58
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Re: Preliminary details

Any chance we can get cpu vs cpu injuries patched in?
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Old 10-17-2009, 04:02 AM   #59
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Re: Preliminary details

A small fix that isnt mentioned but i hope will be included is the tuning of franchise weather. Really annoying to see 15 out of 16 games played in clear blue skies. Also hope that the time of day is fixed as well, dusk skies at 4pm in September, lol!
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Old 10-17-2009, 05:54 AM   #60
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Re: Preliminary details

Still waiting to hear about the Adaptive A.I.
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Re: Preliminary details

Originally Posted by BlueNGold
This question is asked a million times. No...
Are you sure about this?
I havent seen Ian comment on that and Josh didnt know so.....
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Old 10-17-2009, 07:10 AM   #62
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Re: Preliminary details

Wait, did they hire a guy just to cover Gameplay and we cant get no answers for franchise questions? what the hell Ian?
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Old 10-17-2009, 08:01 AM   #63
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Re: Preliminary details

Will the patch address the blitzing issues with the CPU playcall? I know for a fact that many many people have a big problem with that
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Old 10-17-2009, 08:29 AM   #64
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Re: Preliminary details

Too many complaints. About the flats and the CB's. IF you only play against the A.I please do not say it is not a problem because online it is a huge problem.

Also I think it would be great if we started prefacing our complaints with offline vs online because some of the things that are a problem online do not seem to be a problem for the offline guys and vice versa. I don't have a problem with HB screens online or WR screens being as effective as they are. I've had mine read and shut down for losses by some online players so I can't say it's too easy like the offline player can because the A.I doesn't adjust.

There are some problems that overlap like the suction blocking/tackling but it would be interesting to see the list of online complaints vs offline ones.
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