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Re: Cheddar

What i hate the most is when im beating one of these cheeser guys, and all of a sudden it seems like the game gives them these ridiculous plays where they break twenty tackles and my recievers volleyball swat balls to the DBs for picks. Dont know why this seems to happen to me so much.

And whats with people who seem to be willing to do stupid crap for days to get you to quit. It is a freaking game, seriously and i would just quit but i dont wanna give those losers the satisfaction, if they get any, for making me quit by being douches.

Whats the point of playing a game when all you do is exploit and BS all day, how is that any fun? Ooooo look i have a 534-5 win loss record on madden now my life is meaningful.
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Re: Cheddar

The game inside the game is figuring out how to stop the cheese. I personally don't care how you play, if you want to go for it every 4th down, fine... Better field position for me. If you want to run Wildcat non-stop? Good. You get stopped. Being unpredictable is key.

Every "cheeser" has one thing they stick to. The key is to find the way to negate that, and stick to it. I'd rather have a game of cat-and-mouse with a cheeser, than blowout a "sim player".

My old roommate thought he was a Madden pro, but he ran the same 4 plays. Got a couple big gains at the start, but the end of the game was like 70-20 me. I exiled him.
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Re: Cheddar

Damn, I thought this thread was about real cheese.
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