Your highest total in cap penalties?

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Re: Your highest total in cap penalties?

Originally Posted by bigdfan76
It is a cycle. You start every year over the cap so you have to trade/release to get under the cap. You have to trade/release big salaries and with big salaries come big bounuses, which means big cap penalties. The only way to stop the cycle is to have a year were you don't trade/release any big salaries, yet you have to. So yes I would say that is a vicious cycle, lol.

You dont HAVE to. I use the dolphins on all-madden. What I do is resign my bad players who demand a lot of money (Starks, J. Allen, etc...) to a 1 year contract. I dont resign them in the off season, just let them go. Since the dolphins have good cap room it's easy to do this with almost all the bad players who make too much money. The next year I draft some good players and sign some cheap young free agents. I havn't lost a superbowl yet and I've simmed ahead a few times and never have any cap issues.
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Re: Your highest total in cap penalties?

I can officially say that i lost at Madden because of my cap penalties. I made the mistake of not knowing that trades make you eat a player's signing bonus. I think i was ignorant to this fact because previous Madden didn't penalize you (but i might be wrong).

Anyway I went through about 5 seasons blindly trading away players to get first round draft picks. Then in the beginning of the 6th season I was sitting 30 million over the limit. Still being ******** to what was going on, I concluded that all my 1st round player contracts were just stacking up. My conclusion; trade a few of em away. Let me also add here that most of my signings were 7 yr contracts, and most would be traded away in their 2nd to 4th year.

Soooo here comes the 7th season, now I'm 60 mill over the cap. Now at this point i knew something was up so i hit up the forums where I learned about the trading penalties....ooops. Now I’m just stuck. I have 15 or so contract to re-new and no money to do it. My solution; fire everybody that's over 5 mil. After about 10 firings I got enough money back to sign all OVR 50+ players for around 500k-1.5 mil each.

Needless to say the 7th season was a bust, now here comes the 8th season. Not too bad, only 150 million over the cap. Oook im screwed. At this point there is no solution, and I congratulate myself for managing to loose the game.

I then remembered how the computer will offer to sign a player if you try to start a game with not enough players at a position. I was curious to see how the AI would handle my situation if I allowed it to auto-sign a player. Well the AI had a solution alright. I was presented a message saying that my cap penalties were too large and that Madden would have to reset my penalties.

After Ok-ing the message i went to my roster to see that i had 150 million to spend as i pleased. Thank you Madden for the pity
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Re: Your highest total in cap penalties?

I have no idea what the highest total I've gotten. But several times it's gotten so bad that the game actually asked me if I wanted to cleap cap penalties.. because that was pretty much the only way of getting out of that mess.
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Re: Your highest total in cap penalties?

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Re: Your highest total in cap penalties?

Year 5 of my Houston franchise and I've never had a cap penalty
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Re: Your highest total in cap penalties?

It's gone up to 140 mil, but now I'm always under the cap about 70 million because I realized that the bonuses actually do count against you. Before that, I was trading away old guys with big contracts at will.
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