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Safety Question

I just had a very strange play.

I made a pretty bad throw to the end zone, but was short of it... I got picked off at around the 1 yard line, but the player's momentum took him into the end zone, and then he tried to turn and just ended up running out of bounds.

Now I assume this is the correct call - since the INT was made outside of the endzone, but it was absolutely strange when I saw the 2 points come up. There was no way he could have stopped from going into the end zone, but I guess he could have just fell and downed himself instead of running out of bounds.

Was this the correct call?
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Re: Safety Question

yes. and it would not have mattered whether he went down in the endzone or ran out of bounds in the endzone like you said he did, it still woulda been a safety. bad luck for him!
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Re: Safety Question

I think that's the right call very rare.
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Re: Safety Question

actually, i'm pretty sure that was the wrong call. i think about 5 years ago that rule was changed and is now considered a touchback if the play resulted because of momentum.

when Charles Woodson was on the Raiders, I forget who they were playing, but he was chasing down a guy on a huge run and poked out the ball from behind.
he recovered the ball in the playing field but slid into the endzone (momentum) and was touched down. it resulted in a safety just like your play in madden. as a result of the woodson play, that offseason the rule was changed to a touchback in that situation.
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Re: Safety Question

The same thing happened to me when I was on D.

I was running in stride with the DB using Aso and I picked the ball off as if I was the receiver. My momentum took me in and I was tackled before I could get out. Gave up the safety. I don't know if it cost me the game but it was at a crucial moment.

No idea if it's the proper call or not.
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Re: Safety Question

I recovered a fumble on the my own 1 yrd line (barely saving the game-tying TD) with Brandon Meriweather and the momentum of the scoop took me into the end zone.

I was nervous about taking a safety when the defender started to chase me down so I juked and immediately fumbled the ball in my end zone where their offense picked up the ball.

I was thinking I should've just kneeled it, but now I'm kinda glad I at least tried to run it out. Next time I'll skip the special moves and give up the 2 pts instead of 7...
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