Are we taking Madden too serious?

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Re: Are we taking Madden too serious?

Originally Posted by KillRoy
The only way to improve the game is to make it more about play calling and balancing the game so that you can take advantage of match ups on BOTH sides of the ball. This is the thing thats wierd about most football games, they're too focused on hot routes and just knowing how the AI will react to it rather than actual football strategy. I think the animations kind of limit the gameplay as well. The game is just really clunky because the players seem like robots rather than humans. Which is one thing I loved about the 2D football games... it always seemed like you had better control over your players.

But the most important thing is play calling. For example, when you're in the 4-3 defense, there should be 3 basic types of zone defenses, one where the linebackers cover the slant routes, one where the LB's cover the crossing routes and one that has the LBs cover the flats, while the zone is weak against corner routes and hooks. This way its up to offensive player to recognize this and get the ball to the proper reciever after the snap, thats where player skill comes into play. It should also be programed into the game to be easier to run up the middle against a 4-3 but harder to run to the outside against it.

Another example... when the defense is in a 3-4, it should be easier to run off-tackle against it but harder to run up the middle against it. This would force the defensive player to decide which player to take control of before the snap.

Like if I'm playing defense and I'm in a 4-3 zone that covers the slant... should I take control of the free safety and cover the corner route or should I control one of the linebackers and cover the flats?

Thats the whole idea behind a football game that employs actual football strategy... there has to be a lot of guessing going on before the snap and trying to get a feel on what your opponent's tendencies are. Certain defenses should be weak against certain types of offenses and certain offenses should be weak against certain defenses. And its up to the defensive player to decide who to control before the snap and its up to the offensive player to call audibles based on who the defensive player is controlling before the snap. Right now... it doesnt really matter who you control before the snap because play calling is not that important, its all about hot routes and hot plays and nothing more.
Exactly, in every madden since 2002 i can run the same 3 palys all game against the cpu and not be stopped. I would love for some adaptive A.I., or have the cpu keep me on my toes. I just wish the devs would have a open convo with us about what is and is not possible in madden. I have so many ideas to make this the greatest game ever.
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Re: Are we taking Madden too serious?

Originally Posted by SethMurphy
amen brother, video game forums make me nuts because i am a casual gamer, and just come to them for a little insight and opinion. instead all i see are people bitching and moaning because a video game doesn't produce 100 percent accurate stats to real life. if you want real life, watch football on sunday, madden is a game and supposed to just be fun to each person. everyone complains about all of these problems they have, i have the game and haven't had a single issue, freeze or error once. it just seems like people only complain because they aren't spending their own hard-earned money on games and systems. if you have to work to afford a luxury like a ps3 or xbox, you are happy to just play and relax.
Lol, buddy the vast majority on here including I work and bought 360/PS3 and Madden, its my money and I can complain about a poor product if I please. You have said you are a casual gamer and possibly a casual NFL fan, no wonder you would not see the problems in the game, you are EA's target market.
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