How do you stop screens?

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Re: How do you stop screens?

Cover 3 roll is another effective play. I intercepted a screen on this play, which puts the play-side DE in a wide contain rush. The end gets to the assignment quick, and will often not be registered by the opposing QB.

I think a key is having different players coming to that area from different formations so that the offensive player is never sure exactly what you're doing.
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Re: How do you stop screens?

I'm big on man coverage and just recognizing it early and manually attacking it. I had an 80 yard INT-TD today on a WR screen.. ran zone 75% of the game and snuck in some cover 1 man D on crucial downs and it decided the game. For constant RB screen guys I usually control whatever DE is on the RB's side of the field and just be ready for the screen and react as needed.

Screens are still deadly when mixed in with other things. I like to run them only 2-3 times per game, but I really want to make those times count.
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Re: How do you stop screens?

versus people it is very hard to stop because they know where to scramble their QB to get the runningback open. the only thing that ever stops me is when they will play man and the linebacker is able to slip through and get on my runningback before the line can block him. i am talking about the CPU here but the way i stop it online is when i see it coming which is very easy is too take the closest guy and go to the runningback.
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Re: How do you stop screens?

In reality there are a lot of ways to shut down the screen... Not just by doing little things, but with various formations. The problem is that a lot of people in this game like to employ HUGE blitz packages *** NYG wt Mixed D anyone*** The blitz is weakest against the screen pass because it causes players to over persue and loose containment on the HB, FB, or other screened player.

You can still blitz a screen, but it shouldn't have more then one guy (not counting on DL) making the blitz, and it's best if they aren't comming from the side of the blitz.

Cover 2 can work, but ou must remember that the DBs are going to try and run a bump, and a short zone after that, which gives the HB time to scrambe out and generaly get a good block from the jammed receiver who is no longer a receiver, but a blocker. If you're going to use the Cover 2, use it from the nickle, dime or even the 3-3 (I like this last formation since it allows me to send guys from vairous places without taking all of my guys out of position). It also works in the 45 since you have a safety on one side playing down.

But a great way to get the screen off track is to simply play a man in the 4-3 and have both OLBs cover the HB. Generaly speaking one of them will be on the HB anyhow, all you have to do is take the other and manully get him into man with the HB as well, now if the screen goes to either side, there is going to be one LB there right away, with a second following right behind. You may loose containment on the QB this way, but if the screen is killing you... This is butter.
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Re: How do you stop screens?

You have to sniff it out with your user controlled player.
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