Madden NFL 10: Building a Super Bowl Contender

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if u want a good team on offense just go get all the fastest players cause speed is the only rating that means something on that game
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Great article .... look forward to your write up next week
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I have the chiefs and have done really good. I traded larry johhnson, before he was relaeased in real life. I moved glen dorsey to dt and started to use the 4-3 defense. I signed santana moss as a free agent. I won the super bowl in my third year.
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Old 11-10-2009, 11:39 PM   #20
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Good article, but your going to get nagged on when you choose to make a Superbowl contender outta a team that was just in the superbowl. The bucs, raiders, lions, or rams would have been more interesting.
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Old 11-11-2009, 07:06 AM   #21
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Building a Super Bowl contender out of a Super Bowl contender.....really? You should have just picked the Patriots or Steelers and topped off the ridiculousness of trying to make a contender a contender. You succeeded once you chose the Cardinals.
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Originally Posted by stlstudios189
well I think the article is meant to be aimed at building your team for the future. just because the Cards were in the Super Bowl last season there is a great deal of work and planing to stay in that position. Good article
Exactly, that's the point.

But if many of you are interested in an article about building the Raiders, Lions, Chiefs, Rams etc... into contenders, I can definitely focus on teams like that after next week's article.

Thanks for reading.
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Old 11-12-2009, 12:26 AM   #23
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the sim with the giants the first couple of years is awful. i think they have something agaisnt eli cause after like year 5 i got rid of him and that is when the giants made their first deep playoff run and i just picked up a rookie.
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Old 11-13-2009, 04:42 PM   #24
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I took on the Lions, the worst-rated team, handled all the franchise elements, & then simmed the seasons. I'm in year 20, & I've won 10 Super Bowls. Yes, with the cap on. What i do every year---
1st)re-sign my homegrown players if they're over 80, & the "foreign" players if they're over 90. I give the negotiations 3 trys, rounding up to the next 10 million each time. If the agent still refuses, apply the franchise, or just let them go. My paradigm for contracts is based on a 5/5/3/1 template from their rookie year...meaning 5 years, then another 5, etc., all the way till 14 years---then, unless they're over 90, let them go.
2)Before free agency, I look @ the depth chart---any guy not needed(the 3rd QB, the 4th RB, etc.), I look to let go to clear space. Under 70 release, over 70 trade for draft picks. If you *really* need cap space, IMO, trade the guys under 80 making a million or more for picks. Sometimes this accrues cap penalties for your next off-season, but eventually this evens out.
3)Free agency, I generally make a play @ everybody over 80, except kickers & punters, who I only go after if they're over 90. In terms of contract, I use the same template, & it seems to work out pretty good, in terms of keeping a player effective---i.e., if they have 1 year experience, I sign them to a 4 year contract...10 years experience, a 3 year contract. Whatever rounds up to the 5/5/3/1 template.
4)The draft---pre-draft, if a player is under 90 & has 10 years of tread or more, trade them for draft picks. If you get over the allotted 10 picks, just start giving them the pick @ the bottom of your draft(7 & work your way up). Stockpiling picks in the 3-5 range keeps you in good, cheap talent if you've scouted effectively.
5)The draft---don't forget to scout before you play or sim your season!---& my preference is essentially to do what I'd do if I was a GM(or George Young)---scout the guys with good name & good college ;o) ...sounds weird, I know, but Jim Druckenmiller never had a chance, while Joe Montana did. Averages out in your favor. I generally prefer the bigger guys on the line & often elsewhere, though it doesn't matter that much, &/or guys from *smart* colleges. In the PS2 franchise, I only picked guys who had IQ scores "good" or above---generally, these guys will maximize whatever athletic ability they may have. In the next gen however, they don't have this feature(yet), so I err on the side of a good school.
Lately I've been just going off my "scouted" list during the draft, & it seems my Super Bowl run has increased(If you don't mind picked a 5th round guy in the 3rd, etc.). If a scouted guy is under 70, I ignore him. When the good scouted guys run out, I go to the "available" list, & pick the guy with the most equidistant star out of the 1st 6 or so. I have zero idea what the abrvs. mean outside the star, & don't care that much. But this seems to work good, except for WRs. Most WRs suck. Oh, & I never draft for need.
6)signing---I just sign everybody to a 5-year, & if their rating is 69 or below, I just cut 'em(if they're superfluous on the depth chart---for example, the 3rd SS, & I have already have 2 FS & 4 CBs.)...& if you have too many linebackers, they always make good linemen. Safeties make decent corners too(good corners are few & far between). Also be careful---if you move a player to a new position, the computer starts him there, when all you needed was minimum position fodder.
7)& clearly, a good coach, coordinators, & QB seem to be key. Matt Stafford for me did very well, but I had my eye on a QB of the future whenever I could, & got Darius Pryor(3rd round?)out of Texas...& now he's won I've lost count how many MVPs. I also hired Mike Tomlin when Schwartz's contract ran out, & he's winning @ a close to 80% clip. If another team outbids you for him in the offseason, up his contract to the next 10 mil. I've found Josh McDaniels, Rob Ryan, Housmenzatta(T.J.), Wes Welker, & Ed Reed to be great coordinators.
8)DO NOT buy stuff for your stadium. This seemed to matter in PS2, but next gen seems to be a detriment.
9)profit! ;o)
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