Madden NFL 10: Building a Super Bowl Contender

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I think the real way to build a team is through a fantasy draft.....
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Re: Madden NFL 10: Building a Super Bowl Contender

I agree but...that's not really the point of this particular forum....
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Re: Madden NFL 10: Building a Super Bowl Contender

Are you talking about siming the games, or do you play them out? What settings do you use?

I started a 49ers franchisae the other day. All I did to change the team was sign Garcia and Lorenzo Neal out of the free agency and I am destroying the chompetition. A joke my friends and I are making is that as the user, I am not making "decision to hurt the team." [note the lack of an "s" at the end of decision. This goes back to Mike Singletary's speach after his first game as head coach last year. You can see that great post game speech here.] As the user, I can be smart with the football as the QB and not go into panic mode that Alex does in real life.

I don't know. I would like guides like these to matter, but until ratings matter, and franchise gets some head coach/last gen madden love, I have a hard time playing franchise mode for very long. The general guide to "rebuild" a team in Madden 10 is to get fast linebackers, corners, receivers and backs along with a good QB. You can save money and draft picks by using bad O and D linemen. When playing, don't send a lot of blitzes. The computer AI is really good at picking up the blitz and you are really just taking players out of coverage. The computer tends to have a hard time against heavy zones. Control a defensive linemen to rush the passer and you shouldn't have too much problem stopping even the best computer controlled teams. When you have the ball, just call a balance of run and pass so you can mix in the play action. Use drag and post routes to attack man. Use curl, slant, and verticle routes to flood a zone and find receivers that bleed between those zones. The plays named "Verticles" have one route by the TE or nickle WR that runs a long corner route that often opens up the middle of the field. These are the very plays that Vernon Davis in real life has run to score at least half of his 9TDs this year, 3 in one game all on the same route combo.

My point? If you want to play a realistic franchise, you can and don't really need a guide to do so if you understand what is "realistis" and if you want to "beat Madden 10" you can just cheese the hell out of it. Either way, you should win because the computer is bad at this game.
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Re: Madden NFL 10: Building a Super Bowl Contender

I agree with some of the moves on offense. Bringing in a player like Bush, who hasn't lived up to his draft status, makes sense as a decent compliment to a power runner like Wells.

But I don't think the author understands the difference between the 4-3 defense and 3-4 defense.
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