Madden 11 should limit playbook knowledge

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Re: Madden 11 should limit playbook knowledge

I mean, I know that people can essentially do this themselves with some self-restraint and "house rules," but Madden has become such a DIY, work-arounds-a-plenty kind of game, that I'd really like to see Ian at least address this issue. EA is always spouting about REALISM, but having access to unlimited plays and needing little to no transition time for coaching staffs and athletes is.... Well it's Madden, but not the NFL.
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Re: Madden 11 should limit playbook knowledge

If Madden 2011 doesnt give us a reason to carefully pick our coaches & coordinators then im not picking it up.
i jus dont see how the PS2 versions of Madden have more franchise depth than the next gen version.
what does it matter(besides the attribute bonuses) if i hire one coach over the other if i can use any playbook and the players react the same.

to make the game more interesting i only use the playbooks of my current coach & coordinators

coaching really doesnt even affect free agency,really nothing does besides money.
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Re: Madden 11 should limit playbook knowledge

I would love something like this.

It would make the difference between veterans and rookies important.

It would make roster stability important and impact the way FA perform.

Those would add incredible depth to the franchise experience.
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Re: Madden 11 should limit playbook knowledge

Love the idea as it pertains to the players "knowing" the playbook

Hate the idea of making the playbooks coordinator dependent. I do think coordinators should have a bigger impact on team performance and would even like the idea that bringing in a new OC or DC would mean the players take a step back in the "playbook Knowledge" area so that a new coach "represents" a new system, but I don't have time to learn the ins and outs of a new playbook - Not to mention that I really want fully custom playbooks - so I can run an actual system rather than a seemingly random collection of plays EA throws together!

And I think that EA should make it an option in the franchise setup where you can choose wether or not playbooks are tied to coordinators or just the effects on playbook knowledge are attached to the hiring of new coordinators. That way guys who want that depth of realism get it, but guys like me who want to use a single playbook have that option!

Options - always felt that the custom playbooks shoul be an option anywhere in any mode!!! Ranked games ought to have options, franchise mode ought to have options, whatever mode you play online or off, you should have the option of turning on or off ; custom playbooks, fair play rules, fantasy draft and locking settings for franchise mode online or off for multi-user franchises. You should be able to create a custom session where you want to play a ranked game with custom playbooks and fair play on, or set your franchise so that the difficulty is locked at custom with all four main difficulty sliders at 14, and then set the CPU/special teams sliders and lock them so they can not be changed by anyone but the "commish"!!

If you don't want to play with custom playbooks you should definitely have that as a ranked game option, but I have several buddies and we only play against each other and we would like the added flexibility and chess match of adding in custom playbooks to our online franchise and why should we not get to???
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