Too Easy to Play on the Road?

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Re: Too Easy to Play on the Road?

Originally Posted by tarantism
I thought the way that it was implemented into NCAA football a few years ago on the PS2 where on defense you would press a button to pump up the crowd and increase the intensity and that would confuse the offense was great.

yeah,i think that was NCAA 2005

the players would be "rattled" and the routes would be mixed up,the QB couldnt properly call audibles,it was pretty cool.

but i dont think it would make much of a difference in a Madden game cuz that doesnt happen so much in the NFL due to the way the stadiums are
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Re: Too Easy to Play on the Road?

I have to disagree with the all the no sprinting stuff, if you don't sprint you are not running at "90 speed" with a 90 spd rated guy, you are running slower than that and guys in the NFL do run routes and wait for holes in the running game before trying to turn it up to top speed. The problem is with the way EA doesn't utilize the full speed of CPU players at the appropriate times!

Would love for the road games to be tougher, but leave out any shaking or rumble gimmicks, and make it so that you can take the crowd out!!!
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Re: Too Easy to Play on the Road?

Originally Posted by johnkorean
I don't know if the CPU is capable of sprinting, so if it is, ignore the following but: anything you can do that no CPU player is able to do is unrealistic.
I disagree.

It just means EA needs to program the CPU to sprint at the right times as well.

Sprinting equals running at your top speed. Real people sprint in the open field or when taking a lane. Running with more power is as much running faster (F = m*v^2) as it is trucking/lowering your shoulder or using a tackling form to deliver your momentum into your target forcefully.

If the AI doesn't sprint - add that to the list of things the AI needs to "be taught" how to do by EA.

As far as road needing to be harder - I agree...if you're playing in a full stadium. Give stadiums a noise factor that disrupts the away team the higher it is. If the home team is owning and/or has a lot of fan interest (so they show up) then that factor will start high and get higher.

Some stadiums are naturally louder than others so their base factor would be higher.

But if the road team can "quiet the crowd" or "suck the air out of the building" then the factor drops.

They could do it by lowering AWR and and such, basically all the ratings except the speed ratings (you don't run slower because you're on the road, but you execute everything else worse, basically).
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Re: Too Easy to Play on the Road?

As mentioned in the post about sliders, I think the computer should automatically alter certain sliders when playing on the road, and even more so when playing an away game in the playoffs.

QB Accuracy, Route running, awareness etc.......should be knocked down by 5-10 ..........penalties up to 10-15.............

Hows about having the controller vibrating all the time when you are trying to select key plays ie- final drive of the game when you have to get a Touchdown to win the game?
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Re: Too Easy to Play on the Road?

I agree 110% So these are some things you can do.

Zoomed camera angle (gives you more of the blindside angle)
cpu sliders get +5 on each slider(maybe +7 or 8 on pass D and Run D b/c its harder for offenses to travel and do well)
up fatigue by +5(seems to affect the human side more so)

I've noticed my backups would be in on long 8+ play drive(I'm on O) and the cpu's would still have there starters in. You could even raise the sub-out +5 and bring the sub in down minus -5 to see your backups playing more often as well. This makes more sense if your playing on the road against Denver.

Some belive not using turbo helps the running game more so. I say just use it sparingly. Don't use it at all on ints or fumble recoveries.

That should give you a different feel for road games.

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Re: Too Easy to Play on the Road?

I felt NCAA 2005 did a nice job with the "Home Field Advantage" aspect of a road team having difficulty on their opponents home field. I absolutely loved the fact that some of my audibles couldn't be heard by my WR's/OL forcing delay of games, busted routes, along with false starts. This is one aspect that can easily make playing on the road a lot tougher. These are a few things that would bring another dimension to this game that would easy to implement:
  1. Home Field Advantage
  2. CPU punters killing the ball inside the 5yd line
  3. Fades in the redzone
  4. More false starts, holdings, and personal fouls
Just my 2 cents.
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Re: Too Easy to Play on the Road?

Ya know i never really considered that but it would be cool...ya know i just went back and looked at my season stats from madden 09 and in the one season i played i was 12-4 (8-0 at home) This may be just a fluke, but very odd nonetheless. i used default sliders and custom skill settings at 6-4-8-19, with clutch games "on" (or whatever it was called, it made division opp. harder to play against) i'm about to start my franchise for this season, guess i'll see how things go...but i agree maybe giving a 1 or 2 slider bump on each of the custom skill settings seems like the most logical idea for me
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