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Nothing to see here folks
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Do you think...

Some people buy Madden every year just to find its faults and complain? All games have flaws and glitches and exploits. It seems madden gets the worse tho. Compare it to call of duty modern warfare 2. There is clipping, bad ai, bad animations, and it doesn't do everything people do in real life. But its still fun. Madden is the same way. Its not perfect but its still a fun game to play.
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Re: Do you think...

Yes. I think.
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Re: Do you think...

No. I think people expect a game that has been out for over 20 years should be a little better. As far as comparing it to Modern Warfare 2, I haven't noticed any big issues with that game. Madden has a ton. Also, my main gripe with Madden this year is the pop up ad's that I get every single play. None of those in MW2.

You really think that people go out and spend $60 on a game just to complain about it? I don't anyone who has that kind of money to waste, let alone how stupid that would be.

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Re: Do you think...

Originally Posted by roots3003
Also, my main gripe with Madden this year is the pop up ad's that I get every single play. None of those in MW2.
I completely disagree, the advertising in MW2 is uncalled for, for example I never wanted a P90 until MW came out.

You cant compare a FPS to a sports game, Im sorry for all the faults Madden has its just not logical. Its really not even fair to compare the sales of the games, because a FPS reach a much larger demographic.

MW doesn't sell it self as a "War Simulation" , "If you see it in Iraqi, you see it in COD". COD also has alot of competition, so if reality based shooters arent your thing, go have at it with Halo.

Many people dont have the ability to challenge real world military tactics used in COD. Alot of people have the ability to challenge poor AI and gameplay as in Madden because many played football at multiple levels. Madden needs to bring a challenge based in competitive football gameplay, something it just doesnt do.

Most of Madden and EA's criticisms are based in what they sold the game as and what they delivered. Regardless of if you personally agree with it or not, you can go back for yourself (blogs, posts, etc) and see that beyond a shadow of a doubt, it was deceptive and misleading marketing. Stadium specific sounds and Adaptive AI (to make money plays "near impossible") are just flat out not true.
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Re: Do you think...

I know many threads like this have been started and ended badly. Closed.
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