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Lions 1 5.56%
Chiefs 3 16.67%
Browns 5 27.78%
Titans 3 16.67%
Patriots 0 0%
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Once a day Offline Franchise

So, I got MW2 yesterday (Friday, Nov 20) and will be playing it a lot, however, in anticipation of the second patch which Ian confirmed on his twitter a few days ago is off to Sony and MS for approval and the fact that I love football, I wanted to start, as the title suggests, a "Once a day" offline franchise to help pass the time. Here are the settings I will be playing with:

Either All-Pro or Bill Harris' custom "realisim" sliders. Likely the latter.

15min quarters with 15 sec accelerated clock.

Default "sim" franchise settings (tade deadline, no fantasy draft, all things set to user, etc.) I think I will set pre-exsisting injuries to off so Players like Chad Pennington can play. I will go in and re-order the rosterbefore starting. I will be using the most current roster update.

I will likely be simulating the pre-season. It's Boring and there are no position battles or anything else in M10. There are only 55 or less players on each roster, the backups don't rotate in correctly still in Madden [first week back ups should come in in the 2ed quarter, though in real life they come in after a drive or two], and did I mention that playing the preseason in Madden is boring?

People have talked about franchises they have started since a week before this game was on sale. I haven't done one myself and honestly haven't even ran a franchise past week 9 yet in Madden 10. I thought it would be fun to at least try and take one seriously.

I really don't want to have to use house rules. I am not a player who abuses broken, or "money" plays, however, as the play breaks down I wont not dump it off to the flats. I Just don't call plays with the intent of "I need the 1st here, gotta throw to the flats to keep the driove alive." Also, I don't dive or go out of bounds on picks. If someone gets a pick on the sideline on a flat zone or something it is going to go back to the house in the NFL, so why step out of bounds. I tend not to sprint right away in general when i have the ball unless I am trying to break away from those chasing right behind me. I guess part of the "fun" of this franchise will be to just play the game and let the computer do it's best to stop the user. If I end up going 19-0, then that will say more about the game than me. I just hate the idea of having to police yourself just to keep the games close, or even interesting, becasue if you have to police yourself, they are not interesting. Then again, 45+ blow outs are not fun either... anyway.

The reason I only want to do once a day games is because I want to be able to post my results, stats, what's going on around the league, what my scounting reports are and all that stuff. Oh, and like I said, I have MW2 and that game is FUN.

I don't know if I want to do a 49ers fracnhise or not though. I do like the idea of taking control of the 49ers with Singletary's first year as HC and see where my virtual 49ers can go.

If I don't end up doing a 49ers franchise, it will likely be one of the following teams:

Redskins - as a 49ers fan, I hate Dallas and the NYG. I could care less about Philly and I like the throwback arrow head Redskins helmets and uniforms.

Falcons - I also hate on ATL as a 49erts fan, but I was a fan of Matty Ice in B.C. and liked how he took that team over and has been a true leader so far. The uniforms are cool too. Not really a fan of the Panthers or Bucs at all. Saints are alright, and there is the N.O. storyline, but that was so three years ago. [Going on 4 now], and the Saints are already really good.

Lions - I like the story line for the Vikings, but after one year Favre will be gone and I will still be stuck with the boring Vikings. I could care less about the Packers and 'da Bears are a snooze fest. The Lions ran the table in reverse so it would be fun to try and help them recover.

Chiefs - Regardless of how they are playing this year, I really liked the draft picks of Glenn Dorsey, Tamba Hali, Derrick Johnson, and Tyson Jackson. I like the potential the front 7 has in KC and what it can mature into. Add in Matt Cassel and Dwane Bow and I like where I can draft the rest of my team in the comming years. They also have a talented young corner if my memory serves. I think if I can find a talented running back, someone in the secondary and a solid Tight End in trhe draft I could have a really good team after a few seasons. I like to rebuild teams, just like a lot of you out there. [oh, and screw the Broncos an the Raiders. The Chargers are alright, but they took our Offsensive co-ordinator and made him their HC two years ago, so I am still bitter about that.]

Titans - I used to play as the Texans, but they are alright now. I hate the Colts, even before Manning came along. The jags are so boring. I have yet to see much of a personality come from that team. They are not the defensive unit the Ravens or Steelers are known for, and thier offsense has never really found a niche. They have had solid Running Backs over the years, but when i think the Jaguars, nothing special comes to mind like it does for most other teams. Sorry Jags fans, but what am I missing? The Titans, [remember them?] have nice uniforms, and an interesting story line. Also, half of my Family is from Tenn. [Yes Ian, I have been to your home state many times and to many places in it, but am a Cali boy through and through.] so I remember when the Oilers came to Tenn. and going to a couple of games and watching the late Mac9, Eddie George, Frank Wycheck and Derick Mason tear it up. It was sad to see Tenn lose to [my 49ers rival] the Rams.

Browns - Rebuilding is the main reason here. Steelers wouldn't be bad, but I'm not a Steelers fan [sorry to Steelers fans here online, but your fans at our local sports bar are SO annoying. They are as bad as Cowboy and raiders fans, and recently, for obvious reasons, are worse that both put together.] I'm not interested in the Ravens that much now that Mac9 is gone [no pun intended. R.I.P.] and the Bengals... seriously? I don't think so. I already hate Chris Collinsworth. I don't even want to think about the commentary they put in the game for Bengals fans. I already have played a Steelers Bengals game before and listened to that. Blah.

Patriots - While I like rebuilding, the Patriots are my 2ed favorite team. The big reason is that the Pats of 2001 era reminded me of the 49ers of the 80's. An underrated D with a pass heavey ball control offense with short passes. It would be nice to rebuild that D up again and play with Tom and Moss for a few seasons. I really started watching NE when the Tuna was thier head coach and was looking forward to years of Curtis Martin that never came. I could care less about the NYJ or Phins. The Bills are a joke. I could never play with the Bills, I would be laughing too hard. I made a bet with a good friend of mine who is a Bills fan last year after they wnet 4-0 to start the season that they would finish with a losing record. If they had gone 8-8 I would have lost the bet. They had to win 4 out of 12 games. They couldn't do it. Nobody crumbles like the Buffalo Bills.

So I give all these reasons becauseof the Poll, which team should I use?
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Re: Once a day Offline Franchise

I voted Browns for ya because I am a Browns fan. Well I maybe a Raiders convert after today. I decided I am starting a Raiders 'Chise after the patch. Russell is gone and I am putting the hands of the franchise on my boy Bruce Gradkowski.
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Re: Once a day Offline Franchise

I say the Falcons. You will have a challenge competing with N.O. every year to stay at the top of the division. Plus, you've got one of the hottest young qb's in the nfl to build your offense around. The falcons receivers suck, except roddy white.

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Re: Once a day Offline Franchise

I actually found it more fun this year when I took a team I don't root for in real life. I guess I've always played Cowboys year in and year out and it was a fresh perspective using a different team.

I also found that just simming thru the first year helped keep me playing. Once I drafted and traded away players, I felt it was my team.. Before, I dont know how many franchises I'd start in the first year and not bothering completing.

Preseason is pretty useless, but I did enjoy putting maybe the first preseason game in broadcast mode, and just watching how my rookies played along with trade aquisitions.
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