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Re: In Game Save

I miss this feature from last gen. Another reason why Madden 05 was so great.
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Re: In Game Save

gotta play ps2 to do in game saves, which is great.
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Re: In Game Save

Originally Posted by barats
To me, EVERY sport game should have an in game save so we can pick up where we left off whenever we want instead of leaving it paused.
Definitely! I used the in-game save on Madden 06 on XBOX for as long as I played that (until this year). Use in-game saves for MLB 09: The Show all the time. The only games that it would be tough to do would be for NHL and NBA games, where there's not certain stoppage points. But you could always include an option to save at the end of a quarter or period. Actually, when I had NHL 2002 on the PC, I believe they had a in-game save feature, but I think it reverted to a 5th minute (so at the 15:00, 10:00, or 5:00 mark). I'm not positive because I don't remember using it very much at all and didn't quite understand it at the time.
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Originally Posted by Money99
And how does one levy a check that will result in only a slight concussion? Do they set their shoulder-pads to 'stun'?
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Re: In Game Save

I couldn't agree more! I have a toddler as well, and if I can squeeze in half a game during nap time, I don't want to be forced into simulating the rest of the game, or keep my PS3 on all day to finish the game when my daughter goes to bed (this actually happened just the other day, and I was cursing how I was able to do it with my PS 2 version of Madden last year!).
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Re: In Game Save

Yup, I miss this as well - hard to set aside a solid hour of gameplay with family and other obligations.
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Re: In Game Save

Even though I have no children, I also want an in-game save for next year. Work, be it my job or around the house, always seem to get in the way of my gaming lately.
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Re: In Game Save

The problem is if your old enough for kids your past EA's target group..
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Re: In Game Save

Originally Posted by foolish813
Then u need to quit playing and get a job. JK! I have 7 kids and i've been missing the heck out of this feature as well. They've got to stop trashing the best features.
7 kids how the heck do you get any gaming done at all
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I have won like 20 Super Bowls in Madden so I am kinda a big deal.
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