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Re: In Game Save

This is why 09 on my PS2 is currently getting more burn than 10 on my 360. I love being able to save a game at any point if I have to.

There's no good excuse why a feature that's been on the PS2 since 2003 (I think 04 was the first to offer it) isn't available on the 360/PS3, especially with all the storage space the HDD's have now.
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Re: In Game Save

here's another guy that agrees that in-game saves are great.

my games take me one hour and 15 minutes each.

if i only have 30-45 minutes but want a game i'm SOL. or i'm tired the next day at work and cursing the game.

what's so hard about adding it in, EA?
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Re: In Game Save

Why they took this feature out is beyond me. It was in the original xbox and PS2; there's no reason for it not to be on the PS3 or the 360 at this stage of the game.
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Re: In Game Save

Add me to the list. Sheesh, we could save games on cartridges before there were even console hard drives. No excuse for a lack of in-game saves in Madden (especially since it used to be there).
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Re: In Game Save

I'd love to hear why they took out the in-game save. Seriously, I would love to hear the explanation EA.
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Re: In Game Save

It messes with the physics of the game. I think they tried to add it back but it had something to do with not being able to attach a battery backup to the DVD
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Re: In Game Save

I would love to have in-game saves. Great feature in The Show, and I use it all the time.
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Re: In Game Save

I have zero kids, but would like for 11 to have this feature as well.
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