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Fake Punt Run

Cant stop it. Someone please tell me how to stop this crap. Someone did it to me thru out the whole game online and its a guarenteed 3 yards. Wasant the first time i saw it either. i went to practice mode aftewards and tried everything. Try the play for yourself. If you have a good fullback it is murder. Im sure there is a way to stop it but i havent found it. Any help would be appreciated. P.S. Please see for yourself in practice mode before you offer a suggestion. This play is more deadly than you thought
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Re: Fake Punt Run

You just have to pay attention to where the holes open up for the runner, and have your best tackler in the whole. Use the strafe button and force him to run to you
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Hard Times.
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Re: Fake Punt Run

If this is about online, I have no knowledge of it.

But offline, the CPU has tried it a few times on me, it hasn't worked once. My guys almost always get through the line and tackle the RB for a loss.
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Re: Fake Punt Run

I look out for it online on 4th downs. It forces me to take one of my LB's on the LOS and move him over the FB.

Most of the time people punt and I use my LB to try and block the gunner, but if they try the fake, I'm in good position to stop it. Thats what works for me, should work for you if you execute right.
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