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Re: Warning from EA

Let me preface by saying that there are two major parts to working on Madden to my knowledge. There are the developers, which consist of Ian and Donny and others, and there are the engineers that actually write the code. lso, my understanding is that People like Ian and the other "devs" work many long hours for months on end on this game, however, because they are not the engineers, they are not the ones responsible for technology in the game like Pro-tak, but rather are the ones who play with the sliders and so forth to tune that stuff.

I say all that to say this:

Pop up boxes like that don't make me laugh but rather make me sick as a gamer. I wish EA worked as hard on making a good game as many of us do to rip it apart. When i take a look at my collection of X-Box 360 games, most all of them feel like they were worth my $60-ish. Oblivion: Game of the Year edition, Fallout 3, Mass Effect, CoD4 and Modern Warfare 2, GTA IV, The Beatles Rock Band, Halo 3, these games I rotate and still play a lot. on last generation Maden used to be a part of that cycle with halo and halo 2, GTA games Marrowind, Star Wars Battlefront, KotOR, etc. I just don't feel like I am getting a complete product from this publisher. I am glad the OP posted this thread. I had no idea this was in the game. I now have another reason to not buy M11 until after release day if at all.
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Re: Warning from EA

I wouldn't worry so much about the popup box. It's really easy to add a dialog. I mean, you're honestly talking about a couple of minutes of time. Have to admit it is funny.

All sports games should have at least a 2 year release cycle with a roster updates inbetween so we actually get our $60 worth, but that's another topic.
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Re: Warning from EA

If im winning by 50, im turning the game off. I do not understand how that can be fun.
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Re: Warning from EA

lol can anyone upload a video of this on youtube? I want to see this.
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Re: Warning from EA

Originally Posted by TheCreep
132 points. Man, you're swiss cheesin it up some kind of way to score that many points, lol, aint no way around that fact. Talk about exploiting an A.I weakness. There's no way you're scoring that many points without doin some jank **** dude.
LOL so your telling this guy that hes wrong for trying to enjoy the game his way? Damn you guys are getting a little ridiculous with this sim/cheese stuff.
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