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Re: EA Sports

Its done after 2012, so 2013 would be the first oppurtunity for another nfl game unless they renew it
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Re: EA Sports

Originally Posted by authentic
I know a lot of people on here are hating on EA for this years Madden title, and there's much to complain about. The lack of realism and more arcadish style of play suited for 10 year olds and consistent flaws in the games makeup has caused EA to resort to putting out these rescue patches that get everyone excited about a "new" game. The true facts are, a good game, a game that you will keep playing is only a game that is good out of the box. An example is MLB the Show 09. This game had very little, if none gameplay issues, causing me to play the game all year long and never want to trade it in. This years Madden game plays ok, but everyone excepts it to be unreal. Take a look at the past. EA and 2K bought out individual sports licenses. 2K got MLB, and EA got football, everyone knows this. 2K, which was on the verge of creating a solid football game, lost their rights to a good game engine. Madden was always a solid game back in the day, without these patches that can save the gameplay and playability. They had competition. Now, in the next-gen time, they believe solid graphics and cool features, such as tackling and fight for the fumble will make up for terrible coding in the gameplay and lack of improvements in areas that never got fixed, e.g. pass interferences, offense and defense, passing is too easy, too many interception opportunities, lack of franchise depth, all these issues you know of. On the other side of it, once EA lost MVP Baseball, the company began to fall. They lost one of the main and upcoming huge titles. It's no doubt that MVP would be as big if not bigger than Madden today. EA now has to rely on FIFA, NHL, and even NBA Live is on the verge of holding down EA. Madden needs a new system and game engine to be successful. Why is it that games seem to just collapse after they have exclusive rights? No competition, which is why it's stupid for these "exclusive rights" that are now being used. I don't know if this would be up to many people, but why not SCEA put out a football title? They have one of the most solid games in the market today in The Show. EA is truly ruining the football gaming industry.

I started this to talk about possibilities of "new" football opportunities that are NFL related. Obviously, SCEA and Microsoft are the only other options as of right now. Does anyone believe that these two could come through if given time to create a better game than EA?
Please, next time you do a long post, try to break it up with paragraphs

MS and Sony can make a first party football game. That is why Sony can make MLB The Show, and Microsoft could make NFL Fever again or whatever they would want to call it.

I wish MS would use the rights they have to High Heat Baseball for the 360 and hire some good devs for it. But, I have a PS3 too. Luckily Sony does a good job with baseball.

Competition never hurts .
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