Instead of 4 difficulty levels, how about 32 ?

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Re: Instead of 4 difficulty levels, how about 32 ?

Originally Posted by kehlis
Everyone has different playing abilities.
And just to add to this:

I realize that you know everyone has different playing abilities but your idea doesn't really suggest that.

Under that current system, you and I can select that difficulty for Madden that best suits our abilities.

Under your system, in order to get an enjoyable experience each player has to select a team who most closely matches their ability relative to other teams in the league.

If I am a terrible Madden player, if I ever want to win, I would have to play with the Saints, Colts, Patriots etc...If I am really good, I would have to play with the Browns to ensure not winning an unbelievable amount of games.

How is that fair for me to have to pick my team that way when all I really want to do is be my favorite team?
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Re: Instead of 4 difficulty levels, how about 32 ?

Originally Posted by Tito78
How am I telling you the skill of the player doesn't matter ? Even if you're playing with Peyton Manning, you still have to make the correct read; you still have to get rid of the ball on time. Now if you happen to have a Good QB that's throwing to a poor WR corps. your skills shouldn't matter when the WRs can't get open. If the Oline sucks, the user's skills shouldn't matter because you don't have enough time to allow the WRs to get into their routes.
If you're successful in this situation, it should be due to you making plays, avoiding the rush and making plays.
If you ever get this in place all you will ever see online is the elite teams playing each other.

I consider myself to be a pretty good Madden player. I play sim and while I don't have time to play a lot I feel I give good games to those who play me. Even with the Raiders as bad as they have been throughout the years due to my skill as a player I have had great success with them.

With that being said I really feel that as long as people are not exploiting the game the closest thing that to what you are proposing is Madden 10.

When I play as the Raiders my defense and offense is terrible. I can make the right reads all day long and I can't even tell you how many passes I miss because either my receivers drop the balls or the QB's don't make the throw.

That all being said due to my ability as a player I have learned how to be successful with the Raiders. Being a fan of the team I know the right way to use them. Even with my skills every game is close I play with them.

Based on everything I have listed above to completely make the games based on the ratings of the teams is stupid. Trust me when I say as a fan of the Raiders that the ratings changes this year have made just about all the difference they can without making the games unfair.

Like I said if you want every game to be pats vs colts, saints or whoever the best teams are that year then implement your idea. That being said the day they full make winning and losing games minus fluke wins based on the teams ratings and not player skill is the last day I would buy madden.
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