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Online Franchise Progression

So, we played a season and i compared players
and this is what i came up with.

If you're going to respond, and you're a guy who has paid much attention to progression, let me know...so i know who has been looking into it.


The REASON for this?
To find out if racking up the score and yards, matters?

Or is it all based on Age? or Potential? or both?
What would you think, by looking at these numbers?

The PINK # is the # of the total attributes points that went up

I know what i think, but i want to find out what you guys think first, before i voice my opinion, so i can get original answers.
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Re: Online Franchise Progression

it's based on potential i was playing as the jags and torry holt had 104 catches and 16 tds and sims walker had about 45 catches yet he went to 90 and holt stayed at 84
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Re: Online Franchise Progression

This is why i should never come here, a good topic about ONLINE franchise, you know...where you play against OTHER people and don't hide in your room playing vs cpu.

And it gets 1 response

I dont get how you guys enjoy playing the CPU so much
incredible nerd alert.
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Re: Online Franchise Progression

Potential is the limit which your overall can hit. Age determines the minimum and maximum amounts of increase available to a player as well as how well they have to preform to reach each level within their available spectrum. Performance such as yards, touchdowns, etc determines where within that spectrum they end up.

Also, it has been rumored that where those stats are accumulated determines where the increases occur but the opposite has also been said to be true and I haven't look into that too much as up until about a week ago all I had heard was that progression was the same regardless of which statistical areas you performed in and with thanksgiving and the end of hunting season and such I really haven't had much time.

One thing to note is that at certain ages the minimum for the spectrum is set pretty high meaning with no production or even with negative production a player will still improve. Also, at older ages it becomes to the point where no matter how high production is the max for the spectrum is pretty low. Also, different positions have different spectrums for each age.
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