New Audible System In Madden (Audibles In Madden)

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New Audible System In Madden (Audibles In Madden)

As of now we can only have a certain amount of audibles to

choose from...but what if we were able to have a unlimited

choice of what play to choose from out of the original formation

we chose...meaning if we come out in a ACE Twins Right

formation and we wanna audible...we can choose any play in

that formation...but if we switch formations that's the play we're

stuck with...now i kno this probably won't happen but imo it's a

good idea...i already think we need more plays in the playbooks

(offensive & defensive)...and defensive wise playbooks need to

be closer to what they are in real life...meaning 3-4 playbooks

have more man schemes...4-3 playbooks have more man

schemes...cover-2 playbooks have more zone schemes...and

multiple playbook have a even amount of both man & zone

schemes...cause right now everyone mostly uses the same

scheme...no matter what they say...idk if EA would be up to the

task but it'd be a nice addition...tho we might have to remove

the accelerated clock for ppl to be able to have enough time to

chose...and this whole concept goes for the defensive side of

the ball too...so it's really simple...whatever formation(1) you

come out in when you feel the need to audible you can switch to

any play in that formation(1) but if you switch from the original

formation(2) you can't then audible to any play in that formation

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Re: New Audible System In Madden (Audibles In Madden)

Seems pretty good but you need to elaborate exactly on how the formations would be chosen and how certain personnel might have to line up because of that.
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They had offensive audibles like that in a previous madden iirc...
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Re: New Audible System In Madden (Audibles In Madden)

I think it would be easier to just bring back the feature they have in last gen where in the play call screen you could hit a button that allowed you to select an audible button, and then select a play to put there. If you knew what you were doing you could call 3 plays in the huddle - sort of like the Colts do - all from the same formation. It allowed you to change your audibles from the play call screen.

I think you hit R3, or pressed down on the R stick, then selected the button for the audible to replace, then selected the play to put there!

Actually they should bring back all the last gen controls, including those, the custom hot routes, D playmaker, DB vs WR shading, Individual BNR, all the last gen controls were better and allowed you to more freely play the game.
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