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Multiple juke animations

I dont know why it has taken this long, but I'm hoping that for Madden 11 we'll have a few more juke animations to help separate players.

When Marion Barber tries to make someone miss, it does not look the same as if Darren Sproles were doing it.

Why not add specific animations for different types of backs? Power backs should have more animations as far as breaking out of tackles, and speed backs should have different animations breaking free.

I think NBA 2k is really ahead of the game in that department, and although Madden finally has QB throwing styles, I think they need to go deeper and give different position animations to separate the great players from average ones.

Also, tendencies are really missing from this game. RB's that like to go north and south and get as much as possible vs those that like to try to hit home runs, DB's that like to swat down a pass v going for a pick, safeties or linebackers that are going to try to light you up with a big hit vs trying to pick it off of wrap you up.

All of this needs to be included in Madden 11 IMO
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Re: Multiple juke animations

I totally agree, I think Agility ratings and Strength ratings need to play more of a factor in HOW players juke. Obviously if you have amazing Agility like Reggie Bush you are going to be able to juke, regain your balance and juke another guy. The animations in Madden 10 don't reflect that, you juke one guy then you are stuck in an animation despite how good your player is. They definitely need to make juke animations more complex and bring in different types.
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Re: Multiple juke animations

Alright Ballplayer. Here's my arguement.

The tendency system would not really work for Football. You can't really make player tendencies because what a player does during a play is usually dictated by the way the play develops and the playcall itself. If the play call is an 08 Toss in the I-Formation(outside run toss) the running back is supposed to run out to the sideline full speed and then try to turn it up-field. Now, if the play develops in a way where he can cut it up immediately, the RB will prolly take that.

Next, situations on defense. If there were tendencies on defense, there would be more problems caused than there already is. First off, sometimes a defender will hit a ballcarrier in a certain way no matter what. If the ballc. is running towards a LB on the goal line, I doubt that LB is going to stand there and let the RB hit him so he can wrap him up. That LB will throw caution to the wind and try to blast(hit stick) that Ballc. so he won't get any extra yards. That's why you see so many missed tackles on the goal line.

Next with coverage, many times a CB of Safety chooses how their going to interrupt the pass depending on their position. Say a CB like Asante Samuel is playing zone and a WR jumps for a highly thrown ball four yards to the left of him. Even though Asante loves going for the pick, I doubt he is going to break on the ball and try to jump in the air for the pick risking the WR catching the ball with him still being in the air. Asante will break on the ball knowing he can't get the pick and probably pop the WR up high or flip the WR by going low. If you put tendencies in Madden for a situation like that, Asante will stupidly try to go for the pick, the WR will catch the ball, land, and continue his journey to the endzone without Asante instead of Samuel just making the tackle then and there.

Also, if a team is down plenty of points, CBs may start jumping routes alot more often.
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Re: Multiple juke animations

I still think that while the ratings stretch was a good step, the "position specific" attributes need to affect not just how effective the move is, but how long the animation takes and how quickly the player is ready to make another move based on the "specific move rating" and some combo of AGI/ACC/ maybe AWR or BCV should determine how quickly out of a move the player can get back to full speed!
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Re: Multiple juke animations

Great idea, this is an absolute must in order to make the game as realistic as it can be. Different juke styles would have different advantages/disadvantages too.
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Re: Multiple juke animations

All of your complaints seem to be in the game through the awareness rating. I've noticed lower AWR backs will go for a big play and dance around, lower AWR DB's go for picks more often, and lower AWR linebackers go for big hits more often than a wrap up tackle
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Re: Multiple juke animations

I have mixed feelings about this I would like to see this added but they would have to do it better than what 2k did. I have not got to play this years nba 2k so I can only comment on what they did with last years and previous versions.

I liked nba 2k and thought it was a really good game but this is the part of the game I feel they got wrong. Basicaly players shot and dribbled how they did in real life. Your like thats awsome what could be wrong with that. Translate all those moves into a game and now you have 50s rated overall players that can actually outpreform 99s rated players.

I like the idea and do enjoy it in other games to a point. The real problem is when the animations over take the ratings of the player. If ever done in madden hopefully it would be done right.
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Re: Multiple juke animations

in the wishlist section there was a thread about adding ratings. My orginal post was going to say something similar. I belive that speed, agility, catch and strength should be overalls these would called basics for the other ratings such as ball carrier vision, juke , spin , stiff arm, break tackle , route running , spec catch and even down to blocking these would be skill.

so based on the ratings for these basics your skills ratings will be a percentage of that overall basic set. so skill ratings would based off of a combination of the basics.

for instance a juke skill ability would be a combo of agility and speed basic set
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