EA to focus on "quality games" in the future

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Re: EA to focus on "quality games" in the future

Originally Posted by RayAllen20
Here on OS, many gamers would buy both NFL, but not so for the casual gamer. The casual gamer goes on the Internet right before he goes to the game store, looks at reviews and gameplay videos and then decides which game to get. And I remember being pumped for Madden 05, until I saw the $20 price tag on 2K5 and immediately fell in love.

Good point on the license though, forgot about the money for that. I still think EA will keep the license tho.
Im sure EA will keep the license as well. They would drop all the others like ESPN and college ball first. Before that, cut more jobs and drop other games being developed like Brutal Legend and the like.
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Re: EA to focus on "quality games" in the future

This shows that EA trying to monopolize the Football game industry failed.

EA just can not make proper football games without another company pushing it to do so.

Madden sales have rose from 2001 to 2005 then dropped after 2005 and have continued to drop.

This is due to the decline in the quality of Madden due to the lack of competition
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Re: EA to focus on "quality games" in the future

Originally Posted by NorrinRadd12
I looked at VGchartz and you're right there was a spike for Madden 2007. That was the first year the game was available for both the nex-gen systems and it sold 7.62M copies. Madden 08 sold 6.71M copies (down 12%). Madden 09 sold 6.3M copies (down 6%). So far Madden 10 on 4 systems (XBOX is out) has only sold 3.27M. There will be a big increase in the next month because of Christmas but it's not going save it from a significant sales decrease.
Madden 07 sold less than half a million copies for the Ps3. So the increase was more than that. And it was the second year on the system for the 360. And how many people bought copies on multiple systems? Very few, I'd imagine. So the increase in 360 sales because of people upgrading their system would've directly impacted the sales of the game for the last gen systems, and total sales still went up. A lot. And if you look just at the XBOX, it's best selling year in this block, was 06, the first year of exclusivity.

I'm not going to deny that sales have gone down since 07, and part of that is the lack of a quality product over the last few years. And competetition might help that. But the sales are still higher now, in my opinion, than they would be had EA not bought the license. They fallen sales are also a result of a weak economy, and related to the weak economy, the growth of the used games market. I think 2k's sales would be low now as well. Almost all games are. Sports games in general are suffering a bit in sales.
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Re: EA to focus on "quality games" in the future

Closed. You want to gripe? Use the gripe thread.
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