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Madden NFL Arcade Review

Itís sometimes easy to forget that video games are a business like any other -- run, not by consumers, but by corporations and shareholders.

Like many businesses outside of the video-game industry, many game companies have recently been forced to downsize their range of products to all but the safest, most essential wares.

For many sports gaming companies, the "arcade" department seems to have been the first group to receive its pink slip in these tough economic times. Fans of the genre have recently seen franchises like EAís Street games or Midwayís classic Blitz and Jam titles either completely abandoned by the parent company or given little more than a low-risk, low-budget sequel.

But despite EA shutting down its Street brand and taking a year off to reassess its approach to the genre, EAís relaunched arcade sports department still does not seem to have learned from the mistakes it was making earlier this generation with games like NBA Street Homecourt or NFL Tour, i.e., releasing half-baked sequels that fail to match the modes or features of their last-gen counterparts.

EAís 3 on 3 NHL Arcade, the companyís first shot to recapture some of its past arcade glory (Mutant League Hockey, anyone?), ended up being a fun but shallow experience that wasted a great hockey engine on a game that was completely bereft of modes or features -- to the point that 3 on 3 NHL Arcade felt more like a mini-game that should have been included on the NHL 09 disc instead of a standalone downloadable game.

The nine months since 3 on 3 NHL Arcade was released does not seem to have taught EA any major lessons. I say that because Madden NFL Arcade is another feature-thin game that, at its $15 asking price, does not seem to justify its status as a full, arcade release. In reality, itís little more than mini-game that has been lifted from the "arcade mode" included in Madden 10 for the Wii.

Read More - Madden NFL Arcade Review
Platform: Xbox 360 / PS3
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Not great!
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While I certainly agree that the game was overpriced, I think that this review fails to touch on some of the more successful aspects of the game. For example, while the gameplay may be overly simplistic for a Madden veteran, it is a great way to introduce beginners to the Madden experience. I have had several friends who refuse to play Madden 10, yet have had a lot of fun with Madden Arcade. In addition, the gameplay is very well-rooted in strategy: when to employ powerups and how to catch your opponents off-guard with your play calling certainly plays a large role in the game. In addition, unlike most Arcade games, scoring is not a given and effective defense can be played.

You have to realize that Madden Arcade is not for your typical OS user. You will not have progression (a la Franchise Mode), there will be limited roster updates, and you will not find nearly the depth in features found in Madden 10. However, if you are looking for a quality, pick-up-and-play sports game or just another way to play Madden with non-sports-gaming friends, there isn't really a better option on the market.

As always, give the trial a try if you have an Xbox and see if you like it for yourself. I can easily say that I have gotten more than $15 worth of entertainment out of this limited, yet fun game.
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I think 5.5 is too low a score.
It is what it is - a fun game.
Is it too expensive? Yes ... but it's not a 5.5 game.
I would give it a 7.5
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I honestly believe this should of been included in Madden 10 for free, just like it was on the Wii. This should be an in-game mode and nothing more. If they ever add new animations/plays/sounds/hits/graphics then maybe it deserves to be a $15 download.
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Wait, isn't regular Madden basically the same as Madden arcade?

(I joke, I joke. Please don't ban me! lol)
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Re: Madden NFL Arcade Review

Originally Posted by MrNFL_FanIQ
Wait, isn't regular Madden basically the same as Madden arcade?

(I joke, I joke. Please don't ban me! lol)
That's a new one, haven't heard that one before.
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I agree with Dave I would give it about a 7.5 as well. It is a fun game. Maybe it should have been $10 instead but it is fun.
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