I know I'm not this good -- Any suggestions?

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Re: I know I'm not this good -- Any suggestions?

I have the same issue. I've probably tried about 5 different slider sets in the last week. Last night I cut off the game when I was up 35-7 at halftime. I'm in my 3rd season with the Bucs and we probably have about 4 or 5 guys rated over a 90 on the team. My QB is an 83, RB 82, WR 83/81/76/66. My defense is good which is what I've been rebuilding the most, but still only have 2 players over 90 on it. I'm just running through teams.

I think part of it is CPU playcalling. I can easily tell who's open when the CPU blitzes, it's like I don't even feel pressured.

I'm trying a set right now and I'll give it another game or two and if it doesn't work out, I'm going back to Myskill to develop a base set of sliders for myself.
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Re: I know I'm not this good -- Any suggestions?

Wow. Restarted my franchise, tweaked some sliders, and in my 2nd game that I've played with Dallas, (week 4 at Denver) it was a complete defensive struggle, unlike any game I've played recently.

It was absolute football simulation. This game is the reason why I love playing Madden and put up with all the BS in the game.

10 min quarters: Dal: 13 - Den :10

Notable stats:
Romo - 19-35, 212 yards, 1td, 2int
Barber - 14 car, 47 yds
Witten - 9, 92
Austin - 5, 66

Orton - 19-27 201 yards, 1td
Moreno - 10 car, 41yds
Marshall - 6, 85 1td
Gaffney - 5, 44
Royal - 3, 19

Dal 290 total offense, Den 234. Dal 3 turnovers, Den 0. Dal possession time 23:11, Den, 16:49. Dal 6 penalties, 45 yards, Den 1 pen, 10 yards.

I think I have found my sliders, I will post them later on in this thread after another few games if they go well.

*Edit* Oh yeah, I def. have to add that this is my first game without Felix Jones due to injury. I think he may be a major reason as to why I'm blowing teams out. Without his speed, the Cowboys offense loses an entire dimension of play calling, and I struggled to move the ball against Denver.
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