What to do with roster in Chiefs franchise

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Re: What to do with roster in Chiefs franchise

Originally Posted by SalemChief
Excellent stuff, jerseymadden. Great read; good luck in your current online season.

In my offline franchise, the Chiefs are going to the Super Bowl!!!

After a 14-2 season, the Chiefs edge the Titans in a pass-fest, 34-27. In the AFC Championship game at Arrowhead, Matt Cassel finally got the NE monkey off his back in a 36-17 drubbing of the Patriots, in which Tom Brady threw 2 interceptions and was sacked 5 times. Tyson Jackson had 2 sacks, DT Kelly Gregg had 1, and NFL rookie of the year WLB Alonzo Darby had two and one INT.

Superbowl XLVI: Chiefs versus Packers--a rematch of the first Super Bowl, 46 years prior. Outstanding!!!

I'm actually nervous--first time I've had that feeling playing Madden in years...
Nice! Love that you beat the Patriots! They must not have had enough illegal video of your team...

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Re: What to do with roster in Chiefs franchise

Yeah it good see people build around the Cheifs I need a good solid starting back Charles isnt a full time back, I figured I trade off Vrabel,and Dorsey next year for picks beyond that I try and keep it as close as they do in real life you know. Hope you grab a qb in a late round to..
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Re: What to do with roster in Chiefs franchise

I am starting my 2nd season now. Signed Edgerrin James during the 1st one and didn't move anything else. Frustrated with the 3-4, I changed it to a 4-3 (Ten playbook) as it is the one I'm best at. Got the Jack English class, so I drafted well
and after letting most of the team go into FA, got Wake, Tulloch and garbage really. Flipped Dorsey to Cincinnati for Michael Johnson and got Manny Lawson from San Fran so they can be my ends. Tyson Jackson to the middle and signed Soliai with him. Got reeeeally mad I couldn't pick
, 1 pick before mine, lol, so I drafted

Hopefully in the 2010 season I can win a few games and maybe snatch a Wildcard. Charles and James are my feature backs and I'm throwing Vick into the Pistol and Wildcat package, see how it works.

I'm happy that I've built my foundation at least and will go on there.

Not reality fully, but I love Manny Lawson at LE which is why I always go 3-4, lol.

EDIT: Ahh yeah, got Bruce Johnson too to be CB2. As a U of Miami fan, can't let him slip by

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Re: What to do with roster in Chiefs franchise

Here's what my strategies have been in using KC in different franchises.

1. You are going to have a terrible record in season 1, probably somewhere around 3-13. Use that top pick on a LT, and move Albert either to RT or RG.

2. Upgrade Safeties as soon as you can. Mike Brown is decent at SS with the updates, but he shouldn't be starting.

3. I like to stick with charles at Rb even before LJ got cut. What I usually do is draft or sign somebody in the 78-84 range and use a 2 headed monster.

4. Build around Cassel for at least the first 4 years. He's not great, but he's not horrible, and if you can get some good WRs he'll progress pretty nicely and have some good seasons.

5. Seriously consider getting rid of Dorsey. in a couple of years his cap number is like $9,000,000, and he's never really that productive, so I'd say if you can cut ties after a season or two do it before he puts you in the poor house.

6. Fire Todd Haley
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