#1 RB/WR subbed out every 4th quarter

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Re: #1 RB/WR subbed out every 4th quarter

Do a better job of subbing. If you know you're gonna run take Gage out if you see he's fatigued. If you're in short yardage use White. If you're gonna pass and know you're not going to pass to Johnson then sub him out. It's not just carries or catches that lead to fatigue. If they're on the field too much and then you're always pressing accel when they get the ball then they're gonna be out of gas late in the game.

In real life you'll see RBs and DL sit out 3,4,5 plays in a row, when they're not even gassed, just to make sure they'll good late in the game.
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Re: #1 RB/WR subbed out every 4th quarter

Originally Posted by maademperor
I'm aware of the colors on the play call screen, but since I've seen this reason for this phenomenom before I figured I'd ask if there is a means of determining the exact "energy" a player has...

pretty poorly implemented "feature" if you ask me (if this is progressive fatigue that is). seems like it should give you the ability to rest a player through the game to avoid this but with no way to see where a player stands as far as his energy is concerned then you kinda get shafted.
I agree - at the least it should show up on the depth chart screen or on the subs list if you do a manual substitution. Players should always be available if you do a manual sub also.
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Re: #1 RB/WR subbed out every 4th quarter

I've never had this happen to me in a game, but has anyone looked at the players who are never coming back to check what thier stamina rating is? if its low then I guess this is progressive fatigue...
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Re: #1 RB/WR subbed out every 4th quarter

All of the players get tired if their ON THE FIELD not if they do something IMPORTANT on the field. If a running back has to block or run routes every down in madden 10, they will get tired. They don't have to be carrying or catching the ball. That's why the Offensive linemen now get tired as you go down the field. In Madden 09, players(especially the Linemen) would never get tired unless they actually did something like make a tackle, run the ball, or catch the ball. Now players get tired without doing any of that in Madden 10.

If Randy Moss runs deep in madden 10 8-14 times in a series, he'll be in orange or red (Maybe white but not usually). Just because he doesn't catch a ball that whole time wouldn't mean he wasn't running his a** off.
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