Tackles and Gameplay after patch help please :)

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Tackles and Gameplay after patch help please :)

OK so I have been using the patch for a day now and I have some comments and questions for everyone. If some of these have been asked before I am sorry, I went through as many of the threads as I could.

First off has anyone noticed a slower game play in franchise mode offline? It seems to me everyone is slower then before the patch. I have the Titans in my 5th year now and C.Johnson is a 99 speed and 99 ACC.. and used to blow by defenders and get through holes quickly and now it seems as if he can not out run anyone or get through holes as he did in the past. Just this morning he was caught from BEHIND for a D.Freeney. and I mean he was WAY behind him and caught him and tackled. Freeney is a 85 speed and C.Johnson is a 99.. does this make sense? I have the player min threshold at 23.. which is the same as where it was before the patch!

ALSO the BIGGEST concern I had was the TACKLING bug.. this WAS NOT ADDRESSES YET AGAIN.. WHY IS THIS?? does ANYONE know? I know they "thought" they addresses it.. but Ian and co. DID NOT! this is the simplest fix ever! I don't understand? can ANYONE EXPLAIN? As we all know there is no TOTAL TACKLES stat?? that's solo +assists = TOTAL TACKLES.. this used to be in all games and now that assists and solos as separated its ok.. ONLY if you have total tackles.!! what happened???? in years last my best 2-3 tacklers would have 150-170 tackles a season.. NOW its 80- 90 for my best tacklers.. BUT the league best is still 15-170... That is a HUGE different and it effects progression immensely! This is not acceptable in my opinion. how hard is it to add a total tackles catagory and add up solos assists?? it CANT be that hard. These are little fixes that take almost no time at all.. that are HUGE in the game. I understand after patch 3 there is more "assist tackles" now.. but what the heck does that matter if they don't add them up?? UHHH nothing!

I like Madden and I hate to sound like I am bashing.. I LOVE the game it self. BUT I am frustrated that they cant fix something so simple as this that means SOOOOOO much to ANYONE who likes defense adn likes to play offline franchices.. I have played 7 season with lions.. 5 with Vikings and in 5th season with Titans.. I have played all the games myself and I am getting sick of waiting!

please anyone help me understand why they wont add total tackles... AND/OR when they will finally add it. Waiting for Madden 11 is unacceptable.

Also anyone else notice the slower gameplay after patch 2 also? I currently have it it on "normal" speed and 23 min threshold.
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Re: Tackles and Gameplay after patch help please :)

Why post this a second time? You already posted this in the impressions thread where it belongs.
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Re: Tackles and Gameplay after patch help please :)

Originally Posted by Skyboxer
Why post this a second time? You already posted this in the impressions thread where it belongs.
This is true. Closed.
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