How to keep an offline franchise fresh?

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Re: How to keep an offline franchise fresh?

You could try to start a franchise with an expansion team...

this thread is great if you want some ideas and help to get started... read through the thread, theres some solid lists of exposed players there http://www.operationsports.com/forum...d-players.html

I decided to go through and start one and create the list of exposed players myself... took a good chunk of time but wasnt too hard. Then I took all my best players who werent rookies (I keep the rookies) and held a disbursement draft for all the other teams.

I'm at the beginning of my first season, took a couple days to set everything up. I turned the Rams into the Las Vegas Luck. My team is pretty bad, we are 1-1 in preseason thus far (beat up on the Jets 41-10, but it was 10-10 at half so 30 of those points came with backups in the 2nd). I let myself keep 1 player from the Rams (representing the first pick in the disbursement draft) and kept Jackson, and I have a decent O-line w/ rookie Jason Smith anchoring it, so my run game is decent... but I fear I'm going to struggle to throw for anything this year, my QB's (Tavaris Jackson and Jeff Garcia, who I signed as a FA) suck and my WR's (Patrick Crayton and Dione Branch) have dropped everything the first 2 games (Crayton 4 drops in the first half of game 1, Branch w/ 3 in game 2), and after that I have no one. Then I've got a couple decent CB's (my list had a few high priced guys that teams didnt protect, like Nathan Vasher, who for me is a stud lol). I also had James Laurinaitis at MLB, he's another rookie so I get to keep him, but he just went down in preseason week 2 w/ a broken collerbone, so he's out for 11 weeks

All in all, if you stay realistic w/ FA's and scouting (although you know all the good players), its a good way to have a challange and it's fun and takes up a decent amount of time

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